Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Talk of the Week Had a Lot to do with Ryder

It's a major championship and everyone is hoping to either claim their first big one or add to the resume, but it sure seems that a lot of talk has focused around the Ryder Cup this week.

"Any of those guys I'm happy with and there's none of those eight guys that know for sure they are going to be on this team," American captain Paul Azinger explained. "And there could be somebody all the way down to the 24th name that could get hot at the right time and just sidestep all those guys and go right to the top of my selection process. As you can see, there's a zillion choices. I think it's very compelling and it's going to be worth watching the next few weeks to see what happens."

With what is becoming, for better or worse, a much ballyhooed Ryder Cup this season, the American team is attempting to strengthen without the likes of El Tigre. Anthony Kim, Kenny Perry and Phil Mickelson will be (gulp) the rocks of this group and adding a couple of chemistry guys, like Woody Austin, might help get everyone fired up.

"Woody Austin is a pretty good player," Azinger said Wednesday. "He hasn't won, but I believe he's had chances to win and he's a pretty good match-play player. And he's kind of got that blue-collar mentality."

I hate to say that the "blue-collar mentality" might not be exactly what you want to steal the Ryder Cup, but anything helps.

One request if Austin gets picked -- please, please avoid any and all water hazards. We as Americans look dumb enough as it is (and yes, that appears to be a Mint Julep.

Photo courtesy of Matthew Stockman, Getty Images


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