Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Who You Got?

Did you know the PGA Championship is this week?

Schmickey is the favorite, but only in Vegas and in a land called "I Love to Lose Money."

Who are you picking? Vijay? Sergio? Phil? Me?

Throw it in comments. See who people love.


Todd said...

From what I've seen since Tiger went out, no one else wants to step up. Picking a favorite now is like picking who will post three good scores and hold on for dear life. When they can get fat and happy with a top 10 and boatload of cash, we shouldn't be surprised I guess.

Back to your question though, I keep thinking Appleby is going to break through, and maybe Mike Weir again. Oh yeah, how about Kenny Perry, does he have the game for this course? I don't know.

The Armchair Golfer said...

Someone who can keep their ball in the fairway (most of the time) and putt those crazy Oakland Hills greens. Furyk is always sniffing around the lead -- maybe it will be his week. Or Perry, good long game and putting better this year (with something to prove). I wouldn't be surprised if Harrington won again. The guy has the major mojo going and seems to be good on tough courses. And, well, Westwood. He's been so close.

John said...

I'd like to see Stuart Appleby step up. He played well and was in the hunt at Firestone, and it would be nice to see him shed that "hot starter" label.

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