Monday, September 22, 2008

The British Tabloids Are On Nick Faldo's Ass

This is just the start. More to come. Do you think Faldo is to blame?


Lucas said...

No way. I don't believe Faldo is to blame at all. It was a great weekend of golf and was very close throughout the matches.

Faldo's picks showed up to play, especially Poulter. The Euros were simply beat by an electric, determined U.S. team.

Is Belichick to blame for the Pats losing the SB and ending up 18-1? Some would say so because he's the head coach.

The point is, the coach, or captain in this matter, can only do so much. Its up to the players to perform and execute. The U.S. players executed more shots.

Lucas said...

And with my SB analogy, I meant to say, instead of placing blame on someone with the Pats, give credit to the Giants for doing was many, including myself thought they had no chance at accomplishing.