Thursday, September 11, 2008

Calling Anna Rawson

The extremely attractive girl above is Anna Rawson, an LPGA golfer who is actually tied for the lead currently at the Bell Micro LPGA Classic (fancy that).

Anyway, she's a huge hit on this internet invention because she's an athlete and takes photos with very little clothes on and doesn't look like she'd be better served cleaning dishes at the local Luby's.

Rawson did an interview with the Press-Register and disclosed her "phone number," which isn't really her phone number at all, it is similar to being "friends" with athletes on Facebook (when really you're just fans of them...uber awesome man!).

Anyway, RealClearSports, being the good little journalists they are, decided to ring the number and see what Anna was doing. Like most things that are too good to be true, what happened was a disappointment.

I called the number (it's my job, right?) and was given options of what I could do:
-To listen to messages from this person, press 1
-To record a message, press 2
-To listen to the most recent fan messages, press 3

So first time I pressed 1. It's Anna basically doing a phone blog explaining where she is and what she's been doing. But there's something really bizarre about her voice coming out of my cell phone.

That part wasn't so entertaining, but then there was option 3. If you have some time to kill, these can be entertaining. Overall though, they're pretty bland, and it's people either just telling her she's hot, or that they hope she continues to improve her golf game.

To me, Rawson did what ever girl in the world has done at least once in her life. She fake-numbered the whole group of us. Damn you Rawson. I thought we had a chance.


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