Friday, September 19, 2008

A Game We Will Play This Week -- Things You Will Only See AT the Ryder Cup

You know, for some reason the Ryder Cup always shows things you never see in any other tournament. We will try to document these things as the week goes on. If you see you anything you think is worth adding, send 'em in.

-Foursomes? How annoying is that? It's alternate shot. Can we call a spade a spade please?

-Crowds being the most fired up for Kenny Perry.

-When Padraig Harrington conceded the third hole to the Americans, Anthony Kim putted out anyway, just for practice. The strange part? Phil Mickelson tended the flag. When is the last time Lefty even touched a pin?

-Nick Faldo being a dick. Oh, no, that has happened his entire life. Sorry.

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Niel said...

How about cheering after a poor shot (by the Euros)?