Thursday, September 11, 2008

So, Where Does Tiger Rank In the FedEx Cup Points Today, and How Much Would He Have Made This Year?

Sometimes it is hard to grasp just how damn good Tiger Woods is at golf. Yeah, he wins, yeah he makes billions of bucks, but just to think of some of the things he does to the golf world is incredible.

Like this point...

Today, three weeks through the FedEx Cup playoffs, Tiger is still ranked 70th on the list, and hasn't earned a point since the middle of June. Also, in case you forgot, Tiger played in six tournaments total this season. Since the FedEx Cup is a little skewed because the playoffs have started and points count more, lets take a look at the money list.

Tiger is SECOND on the PGA Tour Money list this year. Second. He is just $698,684 behind the money leader, Vijay Singh, who played in 16 more tournaments than Woods did this season. 16!!! It is crazy to think this way, but if Tiger had played the other 16 like he played the first six (winning four times, so a bit out there), he would have earned $21,175,000 this season. Needless to say, I think he would have claimed the money title. Wow.


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