Monday, October 13, 2008

An Absolutely Splendid Way to Waste Time on A Monday

Well, it is Monday, and for those of you not handed the day off for Columbus Day, you're probably struggling as much as the rest of us.

Good news cometh, thanks to and their amazing, incredible, entertaining game of "name that swing." This little game has a silhouette of a famous golfer or golf playing president and gives a little hint to who they are. Also, in the middle it has a "trivia" section that gives out some cool little tidbits. I knew Sergio Garcia once pulled out of a tournament because of a pimple, but I never knew Phil Mickelson once filled up an unleaded car with diesel fuel. See, you do learn something everyday.

By the way, if you get all the people correct I will try to find some award for you. Post how many you got correct in the comments.


Alana G said...

0/27. I guessed Tiger Woods every time.

Shane B. said...

The worst part is, it probably was a fairly solid approach!