Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Site News

Hello all. If you visit here frequently, I wanted to first apologize for your lackluster life. Seriously, you read my writing? I'm sorry, here is a bottle of really trashy whiskey.

Second, as you can see we've kinda jazzed this bizzle up a little over the past month, adding that cool "GO Tickets" ad in the top right along with some flash banners you see advertising television shows I have never seen. Ahhh, the Internet!

Anyway, another move is a change of domain name. We are now so official. Since is some recipe site that is LAME and won't respond to anything I saw, we've gone with Honestly, it's our new domain name. No more adding that BLOGSPOT business. Booooooorrrrrriiiinnnnnggggg.

Anyway, shout it from the mountain tops, tell it to your sister and grandmother and spread the news like your errant tee shots.


Aaron Bennett said...

I don't care about any of that golf shit. What I'm looking for is a good recipe for Fruit Loaf, do you know where I can find one?

Shane B. said...