Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tiger Woods' Caddy Nearly Tops Tiger in Donations

Obviously the only thing we can go on is news reported. Well, that is unless we just make it up, which sometimes is more fun. But in all seriousness, Steve Williams, the caddy of Tiger Woods who obviously brings in a lot of coin but nothing like Tiger does, donated nearly as much as Tiger did this year.

Last month, Parade Magazine reported that Tiger was 18th on the Celebrity Donation List, tossing his own foundation $1.3 million out of his own pocket this last year. Well, step aside Tiger, because Williams just donated $1 million to Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand yesterday in hopes of rebuilding a cancer center for children.

"You realise as parents how fortunate you are. Everybody knows somebody who's been hit by cancer," Williams said.

Obviously the knock on Woods donations is just for fun. He actually gave Williams a lot of items to auction off and such so that he could scrounge up enough cash to pass it along to this hospital.

As much hell as Stevie catches for all the camera bashing and forearm shoving, he seems like a pretty solid guy of the course and this isn't going to hurt his image.

This is a child cancer ward that deals with nearly 70 percent of the country's children diagnosed and the chief executive Andrew Young said it was the first million-dollar contribution ever donated by a single person.

"We're still completely blown away by this."



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