Sunday, November 16, 2008

Compton Missed Third Stage By One Measly Shot

Golf is cruel, we all agree on that. We have a guy in Erik Compton that was basically a Hollywood script come to life, taking step-by-baby step to the PGA Tour after two heart replacements and historically no chance.

Compton was the feel good story of the millennium, advancing past the first stage with a final round 68 that didn't include a bogey and had him making up seven shots to keep his dreams of a PGA Tour card alive.

After opening the second stage at Southern Hills Plantation Club with two-under 70s, Compton did one better with a three-under 69 and had himself in the top-20, a place you need to be to find yourself in the all-important final stage of Q-School.

The pressure or the situation or just the mean spirited golf gods didn't have it in their cards yesterday, as Compton fired a one-over 73 that caused Erik to miss out by a single shot.

One shot over 72 holes. Possibly one shot over his entire life. Range balls, putting sessions, junior tournaments, college golf and mini-tour tussles were all rolled into this and it came down to a single shot. I guess you could say that's golf. I say, that sucks.

I guess we could stay positive and remember how much this man exceeded our expectations. I guess as the saying goes, there is always next year. Good run, Mr. Compton. We were all rooting for you.

Marc Serota, Getty Images


Chris said...

Such a shame - I was really disappointed when I saw this. I was really pulling for him. Such a great story in the making...perhaps still to be a great story. Who knows...but as crazy as the Q-school is getting, he won't be able to hit anything near 70 to get his card. Pretty intense. I'll take a 70 (er, 80? 90?) any day! :)

Anonymous said...

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