Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hey, A Fun John Daly Game!

I pose this question before I get into the heart of this story. Which is more believable to you the reader?

A.) John Daly eats 211 wings, breaks record at Abilene, Texas Hooters.
B.) John Daly gets hitched to ex-girlfriend of Hank Williams Jr.
C.) John Daly shoots a 68 at the Hong Kong Open, four shots back of leader.
D.) John Daly lands sponsorship deal with Bang Bus.

Honestly, if you picked "C" you probably haven't followed Big John much this season. The guy has been as stable as a prop plane in the Bermuda Triangle.

I guess for one day, Daly found a little of that game that made him famous. The big hitting Daly fired a two-under 68 and is tied for 16th at the Hong Kong Open, a European Tour event.

Daly's best finish this season was a t-40, so obviously any consistent play at this point is welcomed from Camp Hooters.

If you believe it, amidst all the crazy "drunk at Hooters" news, Daly has been posting some decent scores. His last three tournaments on the PGA Tour has seen Big John fire a round of 67 or lower. Sure, he's followed that up with some ugly 73s and such, but at least he can still go low. That is, go low in golf, not limbo. I wouldn't even make my worst enemy watch that.


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