Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Interesting Headline of the Week

Every once in a while I come across a headline that makes me laugh for reasons the headline artist (we call them headtists) probably didn't want.

Today we have Golf.com's headline on a story about Sergio Garcia and his future. The link and headline reads, "No. 2 Garcia now aims at major wins and Tiger."

While the headline shouldn't get all the blame, Sergio should. His quote in the story had me scratching my head with a 4-inch nail.

``I think my next goal is trying to win a major,'' Garcia said Monday.

Hummmm. Well, call me crazy, but I thought Sergio was trying to win a major the last few years. You know, with all those seconds and British Open playoffs and such. I mean, maybe he was just trying to finish in the top-5 without winning a major just to prep himself for that quote.

Wait, is Sergio smarter than we all initially thought? He had this whole thing planned out like a television series? What a jerk.

1 comment:

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