Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Funny Pictures of Golfers When They Were Younger

A lot of people didn't know this, but Sergio Garcia played his first Masters when he was a ripe 7-years-old. Pretty impressive feat if you ask me.

Getty Images

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Funny Pictures of Golfers When They Were Younger

Dude, Tiger, nicccccce shirt.

Can I get one of those? I wonder who makes it. Really awesome.


Friday, December 19, 2008

A Very Good Interview With Anna Rawson

You know Anna Rawson, the attractive female golfer from Australia that just earned her LPGA tour card?

Well, FanHouser Will Brinson chatted with her and the interview is up. It is solid, with some insightful stuff about her take on Michelle Wie, her personal life and even what is on her iPod. Britney Spears -- IMAGINE THAT!

Check it out. Good Stuff.

Funny Pictures of Golfers When They Were Younger

Holy hell this picture is awesome.

I really hope Kenny Perry had a Natural Light after this photo.

Getty Images

Funny Pictures of Golfers When They Were Younger

Okay, I'm going to give you a chance to guess the three things that jumped out at me about this picture.


You have a minute or two.

Take your time.




1. Reebok not only sponsored golfers, but had THAT big of a logo on shirts?
2. Mullet + Stache = Overkill, even for Daly.
3. I bet the CC size of this club (which claims to be a "1") wouldn't equate to a seven wood in today's game.

Getty Images

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny Pictures of Golfers When They Were Younger

It is still a little slow in the golf world, so here is a new little feature I'll try to update. Pictures of golfers when they were younger!!

Phil Mickelson, skinny as a pole???? Can't be!

Getty Images

Last Minute Gift For That Golfer Friend?

Sorry I have been missing the last week or so. I've been slammed with FanHouse stuff, Christmas stuff and what will be my second Vegas trip in 10 days. Trust me, I'm as tired of it as you are of reading it.

Anyway, I wanted to shoot this out to anyone that needs a last minute gift for that golf obsessed significant other.

"Paper Tiger" is a great book and is currently on sale on Amazon for $4.49. Buy it, the person will love it, and you won't spend more than a dime. BONUS!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Steve Williams Talks About the PGA Tour and Life

After the recent outbursts by soon-to-be-fired caddy Steve Williams, I thought it was worth pointing out some of his other takes on golfers. I've had these quotes for a while but never found a perfect time to use them. Here goes...

Steve Williams on John Daly -- "I could out-drink that pussy while driving my race car."

Steve Williams on Charles Howell III -- "I find it a novel idea to put how much you weigh, in pounds, after your first and last name."

Steve Williams on Vijay Singh -- "Keep hitting range balls, idiot. Those thousands of hours a year on the range is sure to help with that putting stroke of yours."

Steve Williams on Greg Norman -- "Die already, Greg."

Steve Williams on Jack Nicklaus -- "You too, Jack."

Steve Williams on Casey Martin -- "Lets try to see him win a U.S. Open on one leg."

Steve Williams on the Nationwide Tour -- "Cute tour, guys. Tiger would win every tournament by 11 shots and that isn't even an exaggeration."

Steve Williams on Michael Phelps -- "Try working out something other than your abs, you aquatic bitch."

Steve Williams on Charles Barkley -- "Yeah, I think he's funny. Reeeeal funny when you watch him lose $600,000 because the guy won't hit 16."

Steve Williams on George W. Bush -- "He once wanted a picture with Tiger at the White House. I broke the fuckers camera."

Steve Williams on Nuns -- "What is this, the Masters? Get a new outfit, bitches."

Steve Williams on Jesus -- "I heard the guy couldn't hit his long irons for shit.

Steve Williams on Christmas -- "Just another excuse to get shittier presents than Tiger gives me."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Some Things I've Written For FanHouse

Fred Couples and Paul Azinger be damned, the people have spoken, and we want Corey Pavin baby. [Corey Pavin is the New Paul Azinger]

The rapper Scarface, who used to drop the f-bomb more than "The Wire," has confessed that he is as dorky as we are, enjoying the occasional round of golf...daily. He also said he could kick Tiger's ass. So, that is fairly interesting. [Rapper Scarface Loves Golf, Says 'I Might Kick Tiger's Ass']

An Annika Sorenstam column about why I can't understand her retirement. The three comments are all from women telling me I don't understand their gender. Ummm, like I didn't know that already? [Why Is Annika Sorenstam Retiring Again?]

And my personal favorite -- Jack Nicklaus believes Greg Norman could contend at the Masters in 2009. I really can't understand this logic. It baffles me. Read it if you want my true opinion on the matter. [Jack Nicklaus Thinks Greg Norman Could Contend in '09 Masters]

Friday, December 12, 2008

Site News

Sorry I've been MIA. I was in Las Vegas working for AOL and now I'm getting life back together.

I'll be back next week. Until then, enjoy this photo. I have no idea what it is from.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I Actually Owned One of These

The boys over at Golf.com were making fun of this today, which is funny because I got this once for Christmas.

Basically it is one of those presents that makes you realize why our country is in an economic crisis. A putting green around the John? Seriously?

It's $20 and you can order it here.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Natalie Gulbis Interview

This past week I was fortunate enough to chat with Natalie Gulbis on the rotary phone for a few minutes.

The interview, about her charity work, if she'd ever consider playing on the PGA Tour and if she was dating anyone, went live today on FanHouse and I wanted to give you guys a shot to check it out.

Read it, enjoy it, and let me know what questions I forgot.
Michelle Wie keeps tearing it up, in second place with one round to go at LPGA Q-School. Woohooo!!! Go Michelle, you're bomb dot com.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can The Real Michelle Wie Please Stand Up? Wie Leads Q-School After 65

Well, that didn't take long.

Michelle Wie, like most men when they hang around Megan Fox, shot straight up the leaderboard today, with a 7-under 65 that has her leading the LPGA final stage of Q-School.

Wie's big knock was that she couldn't win, so I guess leading Q-school, what some call the most stressful test of golf alive, is a pretty solid start.

Sure, there are three rounds left, but Wie has herself in absolute perfect position to get her LPGA tour card for 2009.

Wie is in the clubhouse at 10-under with the Shiho Oyama, Barack's half sister.

Check out scores right here.

Wie Off to a Hot Start

Michelle Wie is taking full advantage of the easier golf course in final stage of LPGA Q-School.

Wie is two-under through six holes in her second round and in third place at Q-School.

You think Wie just wants to qualify? It looks like she might just win this damn thing.

Track her scores here.

MIchelle Wie Is On the Course In Round Two

Good morning all.

I just wanted to let everyone know that Michelle Wie is already on the course in her second round at LPGA Q-School. So far, the 19-year-old is even through her first hole! Hey, it's the round of her life!!! Wie started on the 10th hole today on the easier Champions course after shooting a three-under 69 on the tougher Legends Course at LPGA International.

You can follow her round and the action right here, and you can check in during the day with Dogs as I'll be trying to update her round as it continues.

Happy Thursday.

More Good News For Seve Ballesteros

More good news for Seve Ballesteros, who the AP is reporting was released from intensive care on Wednesday.

Seve Ballesteros was released from intensive care on Wednesday, a day after the five-time major winner underwent his fourth brain surgery to deal with a cancerous tumor.

Officials at Madrid's La Paz hospital said Ballesteros was ``well'' but would remain hospitalized after doctors implanted a valve to drain fluid from his brain on Tuesday.

Here is hoping things continue to look up for Seve. He is still one of my golfing role models, just because I wish I could make birdies from the trees and parking lots he used to do.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Michelle Wie Opens With 69, T-6 After First Day

Well, there you have it. Michelle Wie went through the day playing smart and picking her battles, firing a three-under 69 that has her t-6 after the first day at Q-school.

Wie has four more days of play, but if this first round is any indication, things are looking up and up for the 19-year-old.

Wie 2-under Through 10 Holes

Michelle Wie made another birdie and continues to move up the leaderboard in the first round of LPGA Qualifying School.

Like any player will tell you, the first round is mainly there to not shoot yourself in the foot. Wie has taken that approach and is now in 8th place through 10 holes.

We will keep you updated or you can follow her round here.

Wie Makes Her First Birdie!

Michelle Wie just made birdie on the 5th hole, moving to 1-under on the first day of Q-Schoool and in a tie for 11th. You can follow the scores right here if you'd like, or just call me.

Don't have my number? That sucks.

Wie's First Day of Final Stage

Just a reminder to all you golf freaks out there. Michelle Wie's run at the final stage of Q-School begins today. She tees off today at 10:47 AM EST, and you can follow live scoring at LPGA.com. Anna Rawson is also trying to qualify, and she's hot, so that is something.

We'll be updating Wie's round and such throughout the week, so check in and we will have some updates as her bogeys and birdies appear.

Adam Scott Did His Best David Duval Impression

No, that title isn't misleading. If you thought "pulling a David Duval" was failing to remember how to properly break 76, that is your problem, not mine.

This deals with Adam Scott and a little thing called "injurying yourself while doing something you probably should be avoiding." The Australian heartthrob (I have no idea what that means) injured his knee while surfing and will not be playing in the Australian PGA after previously committing to the event.

He went for a body surf and was making his way through the shallow water and twisted his knee a little bit," said Justin Cohen, Scott's manager.

"It's a very minor, little issue with his knee and we fully expect him to be back in action and ready to go for the Aussie Open next week.

Booooooooooring. He wasn't even up on a wave? He was just peddling through shallow water and twisted his knee? At least make it seem like you are tough with the report.

"Adam was actually up on a mammoth wave, staying on longer than anyone else until it caved on the young golfer, smashing him into some coral reef as he avoided a Great White that had a stingray in it's mouth."

See, that is extreme. Hurting yourself in shallow water is basically saying he jumped into a kiddy pool and twisted his knee.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Million Dollar Hole-in-One

Like Brinson said at FanHouse, this video is supposedly a month or so old but it is downright AWESOME to hear the crowd and watch the celebration after this guy make a hole-in-one for a million bucks. It was some Outback promotional thing and he canned it, even spinning it back to go in.

Watch, enjoy, and then call the guy and see if he will loan you a few bucks.

Remember Jack Abramoff, the lobbyist who used a whole bunch of money to play St. Andrews with his buddies (and take a private jet...cheeeeeeeap). Yeah, well, they are picking the second jury and the judge asked them, "Do any of you play golf?" Tiger Woods' Lance Armstrong disguise was quickly apprehended. [WaPo]

And You Thought Your Yips Were Bad

Our boy John Daly has had a fairly successful run of late, but Australia just doesn't seem to be his favorite continent.

Daly missed the cut last week at the Australian Masters and is tinkering with his putting like a crack addict might a Red Bull can.

"I'm trying new grips, trying to get my posture up, changing the lie and loft, everything I could possibly try, and nothing feels right,'' said Daly, who spent nearly three hours on the practice green Monday. ``It's just a matter of keep practicing and sooner or later something might click."

Hey John, I know putting sucks and you haven't been that great at it (195th on tour this year in putting average) but you seem to have found something the past few weeks and I don't think one tournament is means for blowing all that up.

Something might click? You shot 62 less than two weeks ago!!! What, did you kick those in or something?

Daly tees it up on Thursday at the Australia PGA, the same place he tossed his putter into the pond in 2002. Snorkel equipment, anyone?

"My record in Australia hasn't been great," Daly said of Australia.

You know when things just don't click, like Tony Kornheiser and Monday Night Football or me and Megan Fox? Well, Daly and Australia don't seem to mesh but the guy is still pushing through. Daly is planning on playing the Australian Open in Sydney next week, making it four tournaments in four weeks.

Putters beware.

Monday, December 1, 2008

FedEx Cup Goes With Another Boob Job (Insert Mickelson Joke Here)

2009 will be the third year of the FedEx Cup and boy what a treat it should be.

Basically, the FedEx Cup was pretty bland to start and hasn't done much to improve. The PGA Tour has again announced changes to the system. They are as follows.

Under the new formula, points that previously had been reset at the start of the four-tournament playoffs will not be changed until the Tour Championship, meaning all 30 players who qualify for the finale will have a mathematical chance to win.

Finchem said the top five in the standings at East Lake would win the FedEx Cup with a victory, while the next five in the standings also would have a reasonable chance by winning.

"I think we're moving in the right direction," Finchem said.

The changes were made because the last two years Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh could have played the Tour Championship lefty (which, I might add, Vijay is rather good at) and still won the FedEx. Now, it won't be reset until East Lake, which means only the top five have a chance but at least it will be entertaining.

My biggest problem with this is the whole idea behind the FedEx is that it is "bigger than one tournament." Well, this disproves that theory. Sure, you have to play well up until the Tour Championship to have a shot, but we all know the names at the top of the list. Tiger Woods, Vijay Singh, Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson and Adam Scott will be shooting for the $10 million bonus. I know that the previous method to the FedEx was wrong, but what makes this right?

Oh, and they are revamping the point system. Here is what it is supposed to look like.

Meanwhile, the points system was reduced dramatically to simplify and make it easier for fans to keep track. This year, for example, the winner of a regular PGA Tour event earned 4,500 points, and Tiger Woods finished the regular season atop the standings with 22,695 points (even though he didn't play after the U.S. Open). With the new formula, he would have had 3,592 points.


Want to make it easier???? You win a tournament, you get 100 points. Second is 50 points, third is 25, fourth is 20, fifth is 10. That is it. I guarantee I'd understand it a helluva lot better.

Natalie Gulbis is Hot, Nice

Apparently after seeing Ben Roethlisberger naked for a number of months, Natalie Gulbis has decided to do something better with her time, and my is it nice of her.

Gulbis, along with RSM McGladrey, had a contest called "Who's Behind Your Success?" where people wrote in about who was their role model and a guy named Taylor Anderson won with an essay about his mom.

See, Taylor is paralyzed yet still plays this crazy game, a pretty impressive feat if you ask me (video here).

Ultimately, Taylor Anderson, a student at George Washington University won with a story about how his mother helped him succeed more than anybody else in his life. “Born paralyzed on my right side, I am an unlikely golfer but all my life my Mom encouraged me to reach for my goals.”

Taylor and Natalie will be meeting on December 7 in Las Vegas. They will play some golf, workout a little and then get some grub. Sounds like a fantastic Sunday to me.

That same day Natalie will be hosting a Special Olympics event because she is now the spokeswoman for RSM McGladrey’s Special Olympics partnership.

So much of my golf blogging time is spent writing stories about John Daly this and drunker Hooters that. It is a little refreshing, like the Chi Tea I am consuming right now, to be able to write about famous athletes with a heart. Good for you Natalie. I guess we don't just have the University of Arizona in common (meaning I have a good heart -- in case you didn't get that or believed it).