Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Adam Scott Did His Best David Duval Impression

No, that title isn't misleading. If you thought "pulling a David Duval" was failing to remember how to properly break 76, that is your problem, not mine.

This deals with Adam Scott and a little thing called "injurying yourself while doing something you probably should be avoiding." The Australian heartthrob (I have no idea what that means) injured his knee while surfing and will not be playing in the Australian PGA after previously committing to the event.

He went for a body surf and was making his way through the shallow water and twisted his knee a little bit," said Justin Cohen, Scott's manager.

"It's a very minor, little issue with his knee and we fully expect him to be back in action and ready to go for the Aussie Open next week.

Booooooooooring. He wasn't even up on a wave? He was just peddling through shallow water and twisted his knee? At least make it seem like you are tough with the report.

"Adam was actually up on a mammoth wave, staying on longer than anyone else until it caved on the young golfer, smashing him into some coral reef as he avoided a Great White that had a stingray in it's mouth."

See, that is extreme. Hurting yourself in shallow water is basically saying he jumped into a kiddy pool and twisted his knee.


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