Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And You Thought Your Yips Were Bad

Our boy John Daly has had a fairly successful run of late, but Australia just doesn't seem to be his favorite continent.

Daly missed the cut last week at the Australian Masters and is tinkering with his putting like a crack addict might a Red Bull can.

"I'm trying new grips, trying to get my posture up, changing the lie and loft, everything I could possibly try, and nothing feels right,'' said Daly, who spent nearly three hours on the practice green Monday. ``It's just a matter of keep practicing and sooner or later something might click."

Hey John, I know putting sucks and you haven't been that great at it (195th on tour this year in putting average) but you seem to have found something the past few weeks and I don't think one tournament is means for blowing all that up.

Something might click? You shot 62 less than two weeks ago!!! What, did you kick those in or something?

Daly tees it up on Thursday at the Australia PGA, the same place he tossed his putter into the pond in 2002. Snorkel equipment, anyone?

"My record in Australia hasn't been great," Daly said of Australia.

You know when things just don't click, like Tony Kornheiser and Monday Night Football or me and Megan Fox? Well, Daly and Australia don't seem to mesh but the guy is still pushing through. Daly is planning on playing the Australian Open in Sydney next week, making it four tournaments in four weeks.

Putters beware.


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