Monday, December 1, 2008

Natalie Gulbis is Hot, Nice

Apparently after seeing Ben Roethlisberger naked for a number of months, Natalie Gulbis has decided to do something better with her time, and my is it nice of her.

Gulbis, along with RSM McGladrey, had a contest called "Who's Behind Your Success?" where people wrote in about who was their role model and a guy named Taylor Anderson won with an essay about his mom.

See, Taylor is paralyzed yet still plays this crazy game, a pretty impressive feat if you ask me (video here).

Ultimately, Taylor Anderson, a student at George Washington University won with a story about how his mother helped him succeed more than anybody else in his life. “Born paralyzed on my right side, I am an unlikely golfer but all my life my Mom encouraged me to reach for my goals.”

Taylor and Natalie will be meeting on December 7 in Las Vegas. They will play some golf, workout a little and then get some grub. Sounds like a fantastic Sunday to me.

That same day Natalie will be hosting a Special Olympics event because she is now the spokeswoman for RSM McGladrey’s Special Olympics partnership.

So much of my golf blogging time is spent writing stories about John Daly this and drunker Hooters that. It is a little refreshing, like the Chi Tea I am consuming right now, to be able to write about famous athletes with a heart. Good for you Natalie. I guess we don't just have the University of Arizona in common (meaning I have a good heart -- in case you didn't get that or believed it).


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