Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Steve Williams Talks About the PGA Tour and Life

After the recent outbursts by soon-to-be-fired caddy Steve Williams, I thought it was worth pointing out some of his other takes on golfers. I've had these quotes for a while but never found a perfect time to use them. Here goes...

Steve Williams on John Daly -- "I could out-drink that pussy while driving my race car."

Steve Williams on Charles Howell III -- "I find it a novel idea to put how much you weigh, in pounds, after your first and last name."

Steve Williams on Vijay Singh -- "Keep hitting range balls, idiot. Those thousands of hours a year on the range is sure to help with that putting stroke of yours."

Steve Williams on Greg Norman -- "Die already, Greg."

Steve Williams on Jack Nicklaus -- "You too, Jack."

Steve Williams on Casey Martin -- "Lets try to see him win a U.S. Open on one leg."

Steve Williams on the Nationwide Tour -- "Cute tour, guys. Tiger would win every tournament by 11 shots and that isn't even an exaggeration."

Steve Williams on Michael Phelps -- "Try working out something other than your abs, you aquatic bitch."

Steve Williams on Charles Barkley -- "Yeah, I think he's funny. Reeeeal funny when you watch him lose $600,000 because the guy won't hit 16."

Steve Williams on George W. Bush -- "He once wanted a picture with Tiger at the White House. I broke the fuckers camera."

Steve Williams on Nuns -- "What is this, the Masters? Get a new outfit, bitches."

Steve Williams on Jesus -- "I heard the guy couldn't hit his long irons for shit.

Steve Williams on Christmas -- "Just another excuse to get shittier presents than Tiger gives me."


gs said...

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John said...

Made of win, Shane.

Made of win.

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