Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm Out at the FBR

Hello all. I'm sitting in the media center in front of a tag that says "East Valley Tribune," so we can only hope that the East Valley doesn't send four golf reporters (do they have four sports reporters?).

Anyway, I will be posting most stuff over here, so click this link and it will all come up. It should be a good time, with somewhat of constant updates throughout the day.

I always find it funny that people yell stuff at golfers like, "Come on _____" or "Go get 'em ____ ." Fred Couples, who I walked with for a couple of holes, gets one of those about every three seconds from old people. It is kinda cute in a, "I bet he'd appreciate it more if he wasn't two over" kinda way. Ya know...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Acrobat Dies at FBR Open Dinner

This is pretty crazy. During the dinner on Tuesday at the FBR, one of the acrobats dropped out of the sky and crashed on his head, killing him instantly.

I wrote up the full story here, so check it out. Crazy, crazy stuff.

Amber Prange Is Mildly Attractive

I have to admit something to you all. I think I've watched "Big Break" like twice in my entire life. I just never really get into reality television and those announcers make me want to stick Blackcats directly in my ears when they begin chatting.

After the good people over at Bushwood Country Club interviewed Amber Prange, I'm a little disappointed I never tuned in.

What is one thing that will surprise the members of Bushwood about your experience on The Big Break ?

hmm Big break shocker... they try to feed us a lot of alcohol and everyone got along great with one another except for Dave

(no idea who Dave is) Yeah, alcohol and reality television. I'm shocked!

Go check out the interview if you have a minute. She's cute and plays golf. What is wrong with that picture?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Hello friends.

If you are planning on joining the ranks at the FBR Phoenix Open this week/weekend, I wanted to extend a hearty warning to all.

DO NOT bring your cell phone to the tournament. I know that they normally warn about this, but I was outside the gate today and they sent everyone with a cell phone over to a counter to check it while you're inside the gates. I know that most of my buddies that go to the FBR will be too drunk/stupid/arrested to remember to grab the phone, so just don't bring it.

It will be like you're in 6th grade, but with less acne!

Report From FBR -- Peter Lonard's Forarms as Big In Person

I was out at the FBR Open this afternoon picking up my media credential for the next few days (trust me, it sounds a lot easier than it was) when I noticed a few things.

First, Tom Lehman must not be a huge fan of our new president. The parking spots nearest the player entrance are reserved for past winners and Lehman's vehicle was happily pimping a McCain/Palin sticker on the back of it. I have never been one of those people that understood sporting stickers of people that lost elections, so I guess I don't understand the McCain sticker, but Lehman is a religious guy so whatever.

Second, Peter Lonard walked by me as I was heading to get the credential. I have always joked about how Popeye the Sailor Man Lonard looked with his forearms, but the things are just as big in person. I would challenge him to an arm wrestle contest this weekend but I'd be scared he'd rip out one of my bones.

Anyway, that is Tuesday's report from the FBR Open. Political bumper stickers and forearm size. Blogger 4 life!!!

The PGA Tour Continues to (Quietly) Struggle With the Economy

I'm telling you this right now. As a positive member of our society, one who enjoys more than the average bear at times, I'm going to be somber for a moment. I think the PGA Tour is struggling a lot more with the economic problems of our society than they give off.

Sure, that isn't exactly what you want from a corporation. "Yeah, we're struggling and we want you all to know." Nobody is going to really do that. I just think that as companies continue to struggle and lay people off, dropping a ton of cash to sponsor a golf tournament isn't what you're going for.

The US Bank has decided not to follow up the sponsorship with the Milwaukee PGA Tour event.

U.S. Bank will drop its sponsorship of Milwaukee's PGA tournament after this year instead of picking up a three-year option starting in 2010.

Bill Bertha, president of U.S. Bank's Wisconsin market, said officials of the Minneapolis-based bank were disappointed with poor ratings on the Golf Channel and sparse attendance at Brown Deer golf course after the tournament dates were changed in 2007. That change put the event opposite the British Open.

I would say something here like, "I'm sure someone will pick up the option in the coming months," but I really don't believe that. Who is going to drop a ton of coin on an event that's recent winners include Richard Johnson, Joe Ogilvie and Corey Pavin?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Out at the FBR This Week

Hello all.

Because of a great man by the name of Ryan Woodcock with the PGA, I will be out at the FBR this week trying get all the goodies and inside gossip surrounding the biggest party in the PGA.

I will be posting most stuff on FanHouse, so I will make sure to swing the link over here so you can check it out, but if you have anything you'd want me to ask some of the golfers (Schimickelson is in the field) let me know it in comments.

I'll try my darndest to ask whatever it is you want, so shoot me whatever and I'll sort through it.

Also, if you haven't seen, I got suckered in to a Twitter page you can view right here. I will be updating it while at the FBR, if you're interested in that sort of thing.

Instant updates! I remember years ago when I walked to school uphill both ways in the snow with just a boring cell phone that had text messaging. Wow, the good 'ol days.

Oh, and to get you ready for the Party in Phoenix, here is Tiger's hole in one in 1997. Just look around the hole. Insanity.

My Favorite Getty Images from the Hope

This might be a weekly feature, depending on if I don't suck at it.

I looked through Getty Images to find a cool picture from the Bob Hope, and while the one of the ram on the hill nearly won, this one gets the nod. This is really the only proper way to drink a bottle of water. Thanks Steve Stricker.

Jeff Gross, Getty Images
My Monday Morning Pin Placement column on FanHouse. I wrote up about how I think PGA West is too easy? Thoughts?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Deal About Whisper Rock

It is the gem of Scottsdale, a golf course that quickly became more popular and more exclusive than Estancia, and definitely more competitive.

Whisper Rock is the course to belong to, and golf pros are shelling out $100,000 just to join the damn thing.

Read up on the course here
, because I heard the Rock is awesome, the locker room is even better and the milkshakes are fannnntastic.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Paula Creamer Q and A

Our good blog buddy the Armchair Golfer, who is always doing solid work, interviewed Paula Creamer and asked some solid questions. Check it out, and let him know about it in the comments.

Anthony Kim Out at the Hope

If there is one golfer that is slowly making the Big Two (Woods and Mickelson) the Big Three, it is Anthony Kim.

I have been asked this off-season as much about Kim as I have about Tiger's knee or Phil's recent major slump. People fawned over the young buck at the Ryder Cup and non-golf freaks seemed to warm up to his youthful exuberance (first time I've ever said that in my life).

After his t-2 at the Mercedes Championship in Hawaii (I guess he didn't get the memo that big names skip that event now), Kim was supposed to tee it up at the Bob Hope this week but is pulling out because of a sore shoulder.

`I had so many friends and family coming to watch,'' Kim said in a statement. ``We don't consider my shoulder to be anything too serious, and I don't expect to miss extended time, but it is important to be cautious with it at this early stage in the season.''

The Hope now doesn't have a golfer in the field ranked in the top-15 in the world. Bummer.

Sam Greenwood, Getty Images

Taylor Made Comes Out With New Driver

I've always been a Titleist man, but if there was a company I'd switch to, it is probably Taylor Made. Their drivers are solid, they have pretty badass irons and even their putter (the Spider in particular) is innovative and sophisticated.

The new r9 drivers look pretty sweet and I'm trying to get my hands on one so I can give everyone a proper review. Hopefully someone at Taylor Made is reading this. Taylor Made peeps -- send me a lefty and I'll throw up what I think about it. Don't be shy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Monday feature on FanHouse from yesterday. Don't be all "I don't want to read that, Shane" on me. You'd be dumb to do that. [FanHouse]

Tiger Woods at the Barack Obama Party on Sunday

If you are one of the six golf fans that haven't seen this video, here it is.

Tiger looks kinda strange for some reason. Thoughts?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Michael Wilbon Says Charles Barkley's Golf Swing "Is Going To Get Fixed"

I really do enjoy Michael Wilbon, even if he thinks blogs are basically the first sign in the stages of Rapture.

He's funny, he belongs to Golf Club Scottsdale (which is a fantastic desert course in north Scottsdale) and he's a gopher, so we here at Dogs will of course enjoy him.

He might also be a little delusional. In a recent interview with, Wilbon said the following about Charles Barkley.

But I think Hank [Haney] is going to fix his swing. Most people don't know that before he started messing around with it, he was shooting in the 80s.

I won't even say anything, I'll just leave you with the following video. Enjoy.

Wil Collins, First Stage Qualifier at PGA Q-School, Is In the Hunt In HIs First PGA Tournament

The headline can be misleading, I agree. Wil Collins has played in some PGA Tour tournaments before. In 2005 he missed the cut at the U.S. Open and made a little cash at the International. In 2006 he shot 75-72 to miss the cut at the Canadian Open.

What the title means is that in his first PGA Tour tournament as a full member of the PGA Tour, Collins is t-11 after two rounds at the Sony Open after starting the tournament with consecutive bogeys.

Why should you care about any of this?

Well, Collins, unlike most anyone on tour these days, did the unthinkable to earn his card. He went through all three stages of PGA Tour Qualifying School to earn his card.

How hard is that? I'd compare it to trying to leap a bonfire while covered in gasoline and holding live grenades. Maybe tougher than Vin Diesel winning an Oscar.

Not a lot on the Internet about Collins, but I thought it was a cool story and worth writing up a little thing about. Two more rounds, but a good start to the year will go a long way in the confidence department.

You can follow his round today right here. Enjoy.

Tiger Woods To Speak at Barack Obama's Inaguration Party Thingy

As most golf fans know, Tiger Woods avoids controversy like the Pope avoids a Trojan condom. He doesn't need it, he doesn't want it, and most of all, he doesn't want to taint his image.

This Sunday, however, Tiger is planning to speak at the Barack Obama Pre-Inauguration Party, which is sure to be a hooooooooooooooooooot.

Woods posted a short statement on his Web site to say he would speak at "We Are One," a concert and celebration that will be broadcast live on HBO and feature entertainers such as Beyonce, U2, Stevie Wonder and Garth Brooks, along with appearances by Denzel Washington and Martin Luther King III.

Give me a dartboard with anyone famous you've ever heard of, and I'm not sure I could have come up with a more random group than Tiger, Beyonce, Garth Brooks and Martin Luther King III. Maybe Cher? Joe the Plumber? Beyonce? Oh, she's on the list. My bad.

Anyway, pretty cool that Mr. Woods is taking off his politically correct sunglasses for a short stint to show Barack he's behind him.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Quit being a loser and go check out this David Feherty interview at Yahoo!. Busbee does a great job of getting the guy to open up. He's such a closed book. [Yahoo! Sports]

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Monday Feature on FanHouse

As you all know, I'm working full-time at FanHouse thus the reason it seems, at times, I'm more transparent than a Hollywood actress.

The good news is, I got some shizzle for ya. I'm starting a Monday feature called "Monday's Pin Placement," which goes over all the things that happened over the weekend in golf.

Check it out HERE, and drop what you think about it in the comments (here, not there. Or there. Or both).

The Sony Open Gets It, Gives Exemption to Kiddo That Earned It

The Sony Open might be smarter than most golf tournaments. Instead of just giving out sponsor's exemptions to any 'ol hack, they are giving one out to a kid that actually earned it. Cue the anti-Michelle Wie music.

They are chosen through the Governor's Cup, a yearlong competition named after former Gov. John Burns, who wanted to help develop junior golf on the island. The 12 amateurs who qualify then compete in an 18-hole tournament at Waialae in late December.

First prize? A spot in the Sony Open.

"That's pretty cool," Geoff Ogilvy said. "More tournaments should do that."

I really do like this idea. Lorens Chan, a freshman in high school, earned his way with a birdie on the first playoff hole, what he calles "the shot of his life." I bet we all could imagine.

Anyway, I think this is a great idea by the Sony Open. Since they are known for letting young chaps in the field, it might as well be something earned.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Am I the Only One That Sees This?

You know Annika Sorenstam got married or whatever. That isn't really the news I wanted to report. People get married all the time.

Here is my question -- am I the only one that thinks, at first glance, that Annika's husband looks like Padraig Harrington?

Just Imagine the guy with a goofy grin or two major championship trophies. Call me crazy, but I see it.

Lena Hyde Photography

Monday, January 12, 2009

TPC Scottsdale Has Decided to Either Make the FBR Rock More or Suck More, Not Sure Which

If you're like me (and I apologize for that), the FBR Open is the best golf weekend of your year. There is good golf, tons of people and parties...lots and lots of parties.

The signature event of the FBR is the 16th hole on Saturday, basically a shit fest meet par-3. Well, the tournament has decided to surround the 16th with only tents, making it either a lot cooler or really, really lame and corporate.

Specifically, FBR Open officials have confirmed that the infamous par-3 16th at the TPC Scottsdale is now, and will remain, completely enclosed by seating. This will give new meaning to phrase ‘stadium golf’ when the PGA Tour arrives there in less than a month.

“We’re always looking to redefine ourselves,” tournament chairman John Felix told “And this puts a peak on a peak.”

The picture above is what it might look like. It people are tossing beers if someone knocks one for an ace, I really don't know anything anymore.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anthony Kim Can't Figure Out How Many Majors Tiger Has Won, Thinks Eight

I wrote this up over at the FanHouse, but I thought it was worth pointing out over here as well.

Anthony Kim, next in line to be Mr. Tiger Woods, thought Tiger had only won eight majors instead of 14.

That got me thinking -- why don't we go over the MEMORABLE majors Tiger has won, and see if we can get to eight.

1997 Masters -- Tiger, at age 8, wins the Masters by like 47 shots.
1999 PGA Championship -- Tiger, meet Sergio. The two went fisticuffs on the field, and Tiger eventually pulled it out to remind us he was badass.
The Tiger Slam -- That is four more.
The Dad British Open -- Tiger wins and breaks down in his caddies arms, because it was his first major after his father had passed.
One Leg U.S. Open -- Not sure if you remember this, but in 2008 Tiger took down Rocco Mediate on one leg. I heard it got good ratings.

There you go. That is eight. Now, can ANY golf fan name some of the others he won? Like the Jack Nicklaus final British Open? Or the Dimarco Masters chip-in?

Okay, just wanted to show how easy it was to get more than eight. Good job team. High fives all around.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My PGA Tour Preview (Along With Two Others)

Here is my big preview thingy for FanHouse. Check the whole thing, with my two buddies Ryan Wilson and Will Brinson. They did a great job. You are great as well. They told me.

Vijay Singh To Have Knee Surgery After Mercedes

Remember when Tiger Woods went through all that knee surgery, and it was basically the only sports story for a month?

Well, Vijay Singh has announced he will be having arthroscopic surgery on his right knee next week and won't be playing for three weeks, if not longer.

This news? Buried in Golf Digest's blog. Yeah, tell me about it...

Singh said he hurt the knee three weeks ago while winning the Chevron World Challenge, though he didn't say when or how. "More than anything, it's just wear and tear on the meniscus, and it just kind of gave out," Singh said Tuesday at Kapalua Resort's Plantation Course, where he is preparing for the Mercedes-Benz Championship, the season-opening event on the PGA Tour. "It's something I needed to get done, and I didn't want to put it off."

Hummmm, (scratches chin), remember the last two months when nothing was going on? Yeah, what some call Silly Season? Seems like that would have been a perfect time to knock out surgery on your knee.

I guess this means Vijay won't be playing in 47 tournaments this year like normal. Bummer.

Titleist Has a New-Old Ball, and a New-New Old Ball (Shrugs Shoulders)

If you didn't know, Titleist is having some patent problems with Callaway golf. Callaway accused Titleist of using their patent, which the court ruled in favor of Callaway, but the Pro V company is appealing it, yada yada yada.

The only reason I'm telling you this is because you get to read things like the latest quotes from Geoff Ogilvy about the new Titleist golf balls.

Get ready to be confused.

"The new-new one, I'm not going to use this week," he said. "I'm going to play these two weeks with the new version of the old one, and then do a bit more testing. There are good reports about the new-new one. So I've got a whole month in Phoenix to test them all out. They never make a bad ball. They're always pretty good."

Asked to clarify, things really got entertaining.

"There's a new-old one, and there's a new-new one, which is the new one, which is the model in front of the old one," Ogilvy said, grinning as he spoke. "The other one is a 2007 ball, and this is a 2009 ball. There's a version of the 2007 ball, but it doesn't breach the patent. So I'm using the non-patent breaching version of the 2007 ball these two weeks."

Got it? The new-old one isn't as much a model as the new-new one, which isn't nearly as close to the new-old as the new-new.

Is it Friday yet?

What Is More Fun Than Losing $100 Million?

It seems the new trend in golf is to be a teenager who enjoys making what appears to be the wrong decision.

Michelle Wie was the benchmark and now U.S. Amateur champion Danny Lee has decided to follow suit, admitting that by not turning pro back in April, he has cost himself nearly $100 million in sponsorship money.

Here's the deal. Lee won the U.S. Am this summer and was the hottest non-professional in the game. He had the opportunity to turn pro and play some PGA Tour events but decided against it to play for New Zealand in something called the Eisenhower Trophy, a World Team Championships event.

The four day event ended horribly for Lee, who never really got in a rhythm but really struggled in the final round, landing a ton of backlash from his critics over in the Kiwi Kaptial.

New Zealand Golf board member and broadcaster Peter Williams called Lee's last round performance, he was accused of not trying, a disgrace and it's understood the team's internal report from the event was also scathing.

It was a turbulent time for Lee and the first time he'd encountered any public backlash, making for "a couple of bad days".

Yeah, dogging the guy makes a lot of sense. I mean, turning down $100 mil to play for your country and then not playing your best seems about right. I mean, everyone knows that if you want to play good in golf you will. Like, if you, fine reader, decided you wanted to shoot a 68 today, you would. That is basically all golf is. Just think about what you want to shoot and it happens.

The saddest part of the story is Lee doesn't think he will get anywhere close to the original sponsorship money due to a declining economy. Sure, he isn't going to be panhandling for quarters outside the Masters this year, but it sucks that the kid was going to lose money because he was loyal.

Lee, you earned my respect. I'll root for you, even if you wear visors.

Monday, January 5, 2009

In Case Your Obsession With Natalie Gulbis Needs More Wood On the Fire

This has been around the last week or so, but I thought it was worth tossing out there.

Natalie Gulbis, the lady that took a few minutes to actually chat with me about life, has joined Twitter and is updating her life quite a bit.

You know, like what she eats for breakfast and what she thinks about the NFL playoffs and such.

Want to know why you'll never be a professional golfer?


Yeah, have fun with that. The Twitter page is here. Enjoy.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Michelle Wie Will Not Play in the Sony Open

I really hope you are sitting down for this, because it is "yep, it's cancer" news to the golf world.

Michelle Wie.....has turned down....the play with the men.

If you didn't know, Wie has played in the Sony Open from 2004-07 but is not going to be in the field this year.

Tournament director Ray Stosik said Wie, now a 19-year-old student at Stanford, would not be playing the Sony Open for the second straight year. Wie was in Palm Desert, Calif., practicing and getting ready for her next school quarter. Wie played her hometown PGA Tour event four straight years, and twice shot 68 although she never made the cut.

Wait, she is still in school? I know I've been busy lately, but I thought that ship had sailed months ago. Wie is a student at Stanford, possibly dating that goofy Lopez twin, has time to do all these media visits and could focus enough to earn her LPGA Tour card?

Maybe we should be giving Wie a little more credit for this insane balancing act.