Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anthony Kim Can't Figure Out How Many Majors Tiger Has Won, Thinks Eight

I wrote this up over at the FanHouse, but I thought it was worth pointing out over here as well.

Anthony Kim, next in line to be Mr. Tiger Woods, thought Tiger had only won eight majors instead of 14.

That got me thinking -- why don't we go over the MEMORABLE majors Tiger has won, and see if we can get to eight.

1997 Masters -- Tiger, at age 8, wins the Masters by like 47 shots.
1999 PGA Championship -- Tiger, meet Sergio. The two went fisticuffs on the field, and Tiger eventually pulled it out to remind us he was badass.
The Tiger Slam -- That is four more.
The Dad British Open -- Tiger wins and breaks down in his caddies arms, because it was his first major after his father had passed.
One Leg U.S. Open -- Not sure if you remember this, but in 2008 Tiger took down Rocco Mediate on one leg. I heard it got good ratings.

There you go. That is eight. Now, can ANY golf fan name some of the others he won? Like the Jack Nicklaus final British Open? Or the Dimarco Masters chip-in?

Okay, just wanted to show how easy it was to get more than eight. Good job team. High fives all around.


John said...

2002 US Open at Bethpage, won in a monsoon.

Also memorable because I was given tickets and (in the monsoon) my friend slipped on the hill behind 3 and twisted his ankle. When they took us to the medical trailer to tape him up he said "at least I didn't fall down at the Masters."

I said, "if this had happened at the Masters I would have fucking left you at the bottom of the hill."

Shane B. said...

Nice. Loved the story. I'm fairly surprised you went with your buddy. Like Pamplona, a major championship is every man for himself.

John said...

Eh, I didn't mind getting out of the muck that much, to be honest. Saturday morning was brutal, the spectator areas were basically swamps.

Me and like everyone I know scored Open tix for Bethpage this year - apparently it was the lottery everyone won, I know four people besides myself who got picked - and this time if he doesn't complete the track under his own power he can rot where he drops.