Friday, January 2, 2009

Michelle Wie Will Not Play in the Sony Open

I really hope you are sitting down for this, because it is "yep, it's cancer" news to the golf world.

Michelle Wie.....has turned down....the play with the men.

If you didn't know, Wie has played in the Sony Open from 2004-07 but is not going to be in the field this year.

Tournament director Ray Stosik said Wie, now a 19-year-old student at Stanford, would not be playing the Sony Open for the second straight year. Wie was in Palm Desert, Calif., practicing and getting ready for her next school quarter. Wie played her hometown PGA Tour event four straight years, and twice shot 68 although she never made the cut.

Wait, she is still in school? I know I've been busy lately, but I thought that ship had sailed months ago. Wie is a student at Stanford, possibly dating that goofy Lopez twin, has time to do all these media visits and could focus enough to earn her LPGA Tour card?

Maybe we should be giving Wie a little more credit for this insane balancing act.


Roosta said...

I hope she doesn't use cord grips.

Anonymous said...

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