Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The PGA Tour Continues to (Quietly) Struggle With the Economy

I'm telling you this right now. As a positive member of our society, one who enjoys more than the average bear at times, I'm going to be somber for a moment. I think the PGA Tour is struggling a lot more with the economic problems of our society than they give off.

Sure, that isn't exactly what you want from a corporation. "Yeah, we're struggling and we want you all to know." Nobody is going to really do that. I just think that as companies continue to struggle and lay people off, dropping a ton of cash to sponsor a golf tournament isn't what you're going for.

The US Bank has decided not to follow up the sponsorship with the Milwaukee PGA Tour event.

U.S. Bank will drop its sponsorship of Milwaukee's PGA tournament after this year instead of picking up a three-year option starting in 2010.

Bill Bertha, president of U.S. Bank's Wisconsin market, said officials of the Minneapolis-based bank were disappointed with poor ratings on the Golf Channel and sparse attendance at Brown Deer golf course after the tournament dates were changed in 2007. That change put the event opposite the British Open.

I would say something here like, "I'm sure someone will pick up the option in the coming months," but I really don't believe that. Who is going to drop a ton of coin on an event that's recent winners include Richard Johnson, Joe Ogilvie and Corey Pavin?


John said...

In the past I could see sticking with it, sure, but why should ANYONE bother now?

It's the same sort of situation those of us who are soccer fans face when MLS stupidly insists on scheduling matches during major internationals. No one who watches golf is going to be watching (or going to) anything other than the Open that weekend, so why bother having anything in the first place?

Okay, I do literally understand why there is an event - I imagine something like 80% of the PGA Tour proper doesn't actually play in the Open and they want/need a paycheck that week - but complaining that no one is WATCHING the Milwaukee event the weekend of the Open Championship is a bit like a hooker complaining about her lousy hours...

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