Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Report From FBR -- Peter Lonard's Forarms as Big In Person

I was out at the FBR Open this afternoon picking up my media credential for the next few days (trust me, it sounds a lot easier than it was) when I noticed a few things.

First, Tom Lehman must not be a huge fan of our new president. The parking spots nearest the player entrance are reserved for past winners and Lehman's vehicle was happily pimping a McCain/Palin sticker on the back of it. I have never been one of those people that understood sporting stickers of people that lost elections, so I guess I don't understand the McCain sticker, but Lehman is a religious guy so whatever.

Second, Peter Lonard walked by me as I was heading to get the credential. I have always joked about how Popeye the Sailor Man Lonard looked with his forearms, but the things are just as big in person. I would challenge him to an arm wrestle contest this weekend but I'd be scared he'd rip out one of my bones.

Anyway, that is Tuesday's report from the FBR Open. Political bumper stickers and forearm size. Blogger 4 life!!!


Aussie Golfer said...

Ha! That's probably why he's gone to the Harry Potter (broomstick) cause his forearm strenbth keeps pushing them left.

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