Sunday, February 8, 2009

At Least Phil Mickelson's Fashion Is Improving

I'm not sure if you took in the Buick Invitational today, but if you got to the CBS coverage early, boy was Phil Mickelson a treat.

For the first time that I can rememeber, Mickelson was sporting a white belt, which is interesting since that fade hit golf about three years ago. It is nice he is jumping on board. Honestly, the long sleeve look he has going isn't my favorite, so I'm glad he is breaking that up with the whiteness.

The pimpy look didn't really help his golf however. Mickelson had a four-putt on the 6th hole today and shot 73-75 over the weekend to finish (currently) t-42. I'm planning on writing up something today or tomorrow about Mickelson's current golf, which should be interesting.

It won't be all about belts, but I promise it will include some reference to a flag of the same color. Get it? A white flag? Hiiiilarious.

Jeff Gross, Getty Images

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spencer096 said...

i dunno about the white belt on phil. looks great on slim golfers but phil, even the in-shape version, isn't quite slim. the belt looked like some white-walls on an old caddy.