Monday, February 9, 2009

The Golf Channel Sucks

I cannot stress this enough when talking about The Golf Channel. I want it to succeed. I wish it would be great. It is television and golf combined. That would be like someone finding a way to fuse Mexican food and sex (but less strange).

The point is, the Golf Channel continues to fail and the broadcasting continues to get outperformed by anyone with a golf booth. The jokes are tired, the remarks are boring and the whole thing is like one big viewing of "The Da Vinci Code" movie. You want it to be awesome, it just isn't.

This news should come as no surprise. One of the broadcaster is in trouble for making some really stupid remark about a spectator's t-shirt.

Magee, serving as a roving reporter during the second-round broadcast, told the network he believed he was off the air when he mentioned to fellow analyst Gary McCord that he had just seen a fan wearing a T-shirt that read, "I got kicked out of the Boy Scouts for eating a brownie."

Golf Channel spokesman Dan Higgins said the network received several e-mail complaints from viewers about the remark. The Golf Channel's online message boards have been filled with fan feedback on the matter.

"He was disciplined for that," Higgins said, from Orlando. "It was a mistake. He's fairly new in the role of on-course reporter, which is no excuse, but he has been disciplined, yes.

"It was inappropriate."

For a brownie comment? I'm surprised people that watch The Golf Channel even know about pot brownies.

Whatever. This is the perfect example of why The Golf Channel needs a makeover. They need to get some people in there that have fun talking about golf, and actually enjoy broadcasting what is going on.

They also could steer away from all the funny quips. "Vijay Singh would sure like to make this birdie sing." Sigh. Sadly, if anyone reads that sentence, it might be heard around the country next week.

Update: I'm hearing this brownie comment is more sexual. Which is even dumber, but thanks to Scott for the update. I guess it is settled -- I'm not a pedophile or a sexual predator! Mom, print this out and put it on the fridge!


spencer096 said...

part of me wishes they'd just spend 20 hours of the day showing 'golf channel classics' or old shell's wonderful world of golf highlights.

golf central is like watching a high school produced news show run on closed circuit TV.

all that good for about 2 hours of GC per day so...

Aussie Golfer said...

Oh please. Is this true? He was disciplined? C'mon!

It's just a play on words with a "brownie" ( ) being a girl equivalent of a boy scout, and the regular cake ( there's no big sexual or drug reference in here at all!

This is crazy. No wonder golf commentary is so boring.

Shane B. said...

golf commentary = the golf channel.

I do have my beliefs that the lynching thing has changed their approach to anything. While that wasn't a big deal to anyone involved, people freaked out.

I'm sure all the people that "called in" were scout leaders or Brownie moms.

Roosta said...

This is the old joke I remember hearing, probably in 6th grade.

When does a cub scout become a boy scout? When he eats his first brownie.

So yes, it was a sexual comment, a very junvenile sexual comment. But TGC is pretty uptight or too PC if they suspended Magee for it.

Roosta said...

Here is a playground joke I recall from approximately 6th grade:

When does a cub scout become a boy scout? when he eats his first brownie.

So, it is a sexual remark, albeit a juvenile one. TGC is WAY too up tight for suspending Magee over it. It wasn't even his joke, he was repeating what he read on a tee shirt.

Roosta said...

sorry, I retyped my comments because I didn't think it posted the first time.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who owns Golf Channel but it ain't golfers. Other than the play by play for which you can turn off the volume precious little is worth watching. Haney helped neither Barkley or Romano. Rush is a dick Who cares about this stuff anyway. From what I saw of Haney I'd pay him more to set up the line of 500 balls than to talk to me.

The Trump show is just a pure unqualified embarrassment.

Pipe can't be serious

No one has a voice worth listening to. Kelly..please stop being such a suck up

Anonymous said...

Why can we not watch golf during the Masters? Commentaries are great but let's watch the game! Who really cares about Tigers ever move, so many more stories and many other players to show & discuss. Do we not care about morals, get off Tiger!

Anonymous said...

Why can we not watch golf during the Masters? Commentaries are great but let's watch the game! Who really cares about Tigers every move, so many more stories and many other players to show & discuss. Do we not care about morals, get off Tiger!

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