Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekend Question ...

Hello loyal readers. How goes the battle?

I played golf this Monday with my uncle Doug and had an interesting experience. On one of the par-5s, I nearly yanked a shot back in the hole for an Alcatraz (or double eagle, whichever you prefer).

My question to you out there is, have you ever seen or had a double eagle? If so, leave the comments/experience in the comments. If not, just leave in the comments what you think it would be like this.


Cash said...

Never seen or had one. Strangely enough, the closest I've eve come was yesterday, when my 2nd shot stopped about 3 feet away (yes, I made the putt for eagle) ;-)

14 STIX said...

Yep, witnessed one live in person - in a tournament, no less (the Kansas Amateur Four-Ball). I had just knocked my second shot onto the green about 25 feet from the hole and gave my partner the green light to have a go at the green. He couldn't see the green from where he was so I ran up the hill to give him a line (then moved out of the way of course). He hit a perfect 3 hybrid out of the first cut of rough. I watched it in the air thinking it looked pretty good and sure enough it two-hopped into the hole for the deuce! I booked it back down the fairway to give him the congratulatory high-5! (I picked up my putt for eagle, not wanting to waste it - and ended up making TWO of them later in the round. Needless to say, the card looked pretty good with two eagles and a double-eagle on it!)