Friday, February 27, 2009

Why Being a Professional Golfer Would Be Awesome, The Adam Scott Edition

There aren't many jobs in the world better than being a PGA Tour golfer. If you win you have a two year window where you can't be fired. If you finish in like 30th place you still win $30,000 and you are treated like a prince and each and every tour event (not to mention your wife is treated like the queen).

On top of that, you can literally snap your fingers at times and have something done up.

That is where we run into Adam Scott, who switched putters this week. He said in the off-season he was home and started tooling around with a mallet putter. He then made this phone call.

"When I was a kid, I putted with a mallet until I was about 17," he said. "I was just sitting at home this winter and I took a mallet back down to the putting green and really liked it. I decided that I had to call Scotty [Cameron] and have him make me something like it. He whipped one up in about a week!"

Oh Scott Cameron, I could really use a super neat mallet putter (pictured above). Do you have a minute? Just don't forget the AS on the back of it so I don't get it mixed up with the other prototypes on the putting green!

Sigh. These guys have it made. If you make it on tour and can avoid shanking the ball or passing out drunk in a Hooters, you are basically set for a while.


Kris Moe said...

It's a good gig if you can golf your ball at a top level.

Still having played a few years out there, traveling every week along with pounding balls can be tedious. I'm really amazed at how well conditioned these guys are. You have to be to travel and play a lot.

14 STIX said...

That's an old Zebra mallet. I had one in high school too. It really was an awesome putter. SB - if Scotty Cameron answers your call - tell him to make one for me too.

14 STIX said...

I meant to say that Scotty replicated the old Zebra mallet. They made 'em in black, gray, and I think even a white head (ladies version?) if I remember right.