Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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Erica Blasberg Critiques My Week

I asked Erica Blasberg if she wouldn't mind writing a little something about the week we had caddying together, and to my surprise she got it to me quickly.

(A quick preface -- Erica's original email jokingly started "So Pheonix (I know you'll spell this right for the post, but isn't it funny how the caddies live and die by the accuracy of those books and they don't even have a simple thing like the spelling of the city we're in correct...haha. Maybe it wasn't your fault those times i came up short! :) jk." It is true. The yardage book that is dauntingly titled "THE BOOK" didn't even spell Phoenix correctly on the cover.)

Here is Erica's message ...

So Phoenix has come and gone and I have had a few days to think about my week and sort of reflect on my play and the whole weeks experience and you know what, it was pretty good. Minus the fact I shot what seems like a million over par on a course I don't feel like I played worse than 5 under par, which wasn't because I didn't play great, I just could not make a putt to save my life.

But my experience having Shane on the bag was awesome! I was a little hesitant to bring someone out to caddie that isn't a full time LPGA caddie, just because some people on our tour have a tendency to make big issues out of the smallest things; which is why we are a woman's tour, and that stuff is just no fun to have to deal with especially if you are not accustom to it. But I had a feeling that Shane would be fine and know how to handle any situation out there, which he did with barely any advice or suggestions.

I was a little scared on one of our first holes Thursday though when one of my fellow playing partners hit info a fairway bunker and I suggested to Shane that he might have to rake the trap if she flubs the shot and has to hit again next, well she hit a great shot but he still decided to kindly rake that bunker, but the only problem was I was the farthest away on the green at that point and when i looked up to get my ball cleaned and get an eye on my putts line he was still in the fairway raking.

He quickly eased my fears though when a couple holes later I tried to get my own yardage. I didn't properly add the numbers and Shane quickly helped with my math skills and fixed my mistake for me. But besides all those technical things it was great having Shane out there. He kept me laughing and relaxed most of the four days and more importantly didn't let me get down on myself for too long after a bad hole. It might be that we get along so well off the course that made our chemistry on the course so solid, but whatever it was I think I can honestly say that besides not having the results i was hoping for (damn you Camelback Mountain, not all putts broke away from you!) I really had one of my favorite weeks on tour in my five year career. Thanks Shane for putting up with me and all of my many putter tosses ... hope your shins don't hurt too bad!

Monday, March 30, 2009

This Will Shock You

I hope you're sitting down, because this information might floor you -- that Arnold Palmer tournament yesterday, where Tiger Woods made a pretty decent putt to win the thing for his first post-knee surgery win? Yeah, it was the highest rated golf tournament since the last time Tiger teed it up, at the U.S. Open in '08.

NBC Sports says the final round drew a 4.9 overnight rating with a 10 share. According to Nielsen Media Research, that's the highest rating of any golf tournament since the U.S. Open in June. Woods won that tournament in a playoff.

The Bay Hill rating was up 23% from last year and attracted more viewers than the British Open and PGA Championship last year when Woods did not play because of knee surgery.

I mean, it isn't even a joke anymore that people don't care about golf unless Woods is present. I was watching golf yesterday instead of the NCAA Tournament, and I'm sure I wasn't alone.

I really wish Tiger would learn how to do a proper celebration. The knee kick thing looked like he just learned his iPhone could receive MMS messages or something.

Chris Condon, PGA Tour/Getty Images

My Caddie Days Are Over

I just woke up at 7:58 AM PT. I opened Jimmy Roberts "Breaking the Slump" last night at 10:00 PM and read exactly one word before completely passing out. Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted from a long week of caddying for Erica Blasberg.

First, I'd like to thank Erica. I'm sure I cost her two shots a round, but it was fun she couldn't have been more pleasant to work with. If there is a tour player perfect for this little experiment it would be her.

Second, I'd like to thank my bosses at FanHouse for allowing me the rare opportunity to spend some time within the ropes. I heard things like one LPGA golfer say, "It's so cold out here I'm freezing my titties off" before the final round Sunday morning. I got to tell Laura Davis "you smoked that drive" after her caddie told me her pop on 16 went 360 yards. I exchanged hellos with David Ledbetter. I talked about Okinawa with Ai Miyazato, one of the nicer professional athletes I've ever met, and even exchange my very, very limited Japanese vocabulary to rave reviews from Ai. I stood next to Michelle Wie. I caddied in the same group as Christina Kim. I even laughed on Thursday morning when all the players going out in the morning were bundled up in jackets and wind pants, Natalie Gulbis trudged out to the putting green in a short skirt and no jacket, obviously understanding her position as "Sex appeal superstar" on the LPGA.

I wrote my final piece for FanHouse right here, and you should check it out, because I actually don't, for once, hate what I put out there. It has perspective and shit.

Cool week all around. I sure hope I get the opportunity to maybe do it in the future.

Update: John pointed out in the comments that I failed to mention how I pissed Erica off on the 72nd hole. The 18th is a short par-5 and Erica was between clubs but the green is really hard so we settled on 6-iron. She hit it just short and as she was preparing to chip, I pulled the putter out so I could swiftly hand it to her. Big no-no. She chipped it up a foot or so, tapped in for birdie and then as we walked to the side of the green, she told me you NEVER pull out the putter when a player is chipping because it appears you don't think they will chip that shot in. Yikes. My bad.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just Wow.

I was watching the end of the Arnold Palmer Invitational with a good buddy of mine. Sean O'Hair had let Tiger Woods back in the tournament, but a 17th hole erratum by Mr. Woods let O'Hair with a punchers chance of taking out Woods.

You all know what happened next. Perfect tee shot, exceptional approach and a putt that never had a chance of missing led to Tiger winning in just his third start after eight months away. Critics? Talk to you later. Skeptics? Peace be with you. Doubters? The knee is fine.

It is moments like today that make Tiger Woods better than any other athlete. LeBron James is getting close, but there is too much team with basketball. Tiger lined up for that putt, hit it and there was hardly a question that it would find the bottom of the cup and we'd get a celebration that we haven't seen since Torrey Pines.

He is our sport orgasm, and that is really the only way I can truly describe it.

Watch out Augusta, Tiger's back and it could get downright scary again.

Doug Benc, Getty Images

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why Do I Look So Mad?

This is another picture courtesy of my boy Christian Petersen at Getty Images. Also, I'd like to thank my freshman year editor at the Arizona Daily Wildcat, Maxx Wolfson, for getting it all arranged. He's like a knight in shining armor, only if the knight enjoys eating Cheddar Goldfish.

Anyway, why the hell do I look like I just pooped on the guy I murdered? Is that face necessary?
I answer some questions about the caddie experience thus far from my fellow scribes over at FanHouse. The answers are pretty good, and I was only political in about 80 percent of them. Barack taught me so well. [FanHouse]

Friday, March 27, 2009

Check That Box Called "Made Cut"

Yeah, so Erica Blasberg and I might not be leading the LPGA tournament, but I have counted the week as a success. Minus a moment on Friday when I accidentally gave her a middle green yardage instead of the front, only to correct myself as she was already in shot preparation.

Needless to say, she wasn't too happy with me.

Other than that, Erica gave me a B++ grade today, saying that the middle yardage thingy kinda screwed me out of the A. I don't blame her, but I do think we are landing a little chemistry right now and could have a good weekend.

Over the week we have two rounds of 74-73 without any shot real close or a tap-in birdie, so I think what I'm trying to say is we're due. Erica mentioned on Friday that she can score on this course, and I believe it, so maybe today is the day.

I will be back this afternoon with an ice pack and more information on all that transpires. Have a good Saturday.

The TaylorMade r9 Is Really Awesome

I haven't had much time the last few days to hit some range balls, but I found some time early this morning before my caddie duties called to go out and hit a few around the range. I just got my hands on the TaylorMade r9 driver and let me tell you, it is absolutely incredible.

I'm going to film a video next week showing how easy it is to pull out the weights and switch it around, but just wanted to say that the stinger driver that Sergio Garcia hits all the time? Yeah, that is the club. I could keep it low if I wanted and hit a high one if I felt so inclined.

I have been using Titleist since I was a fetus, but this driver might have me hooked. Okay, off to caddie. I'll have a full report tonight. Cross your fingers.
The new Devil Ball Golf Podcast is with one of the better golf entertainers of all time, Chi Chi Rodriguez. Check it out quickly. [FanHouse]

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Face of a Good Caddie

I'd like to personally thanks Christian Petersen for taking the time out of his busy schedule at Getty Images to take some photos of Erica Blasberg and I. This is a picture of me really in the moment. I had a really scary realization that this might be my sex face. I sure hope that isn't true.

A Thursday 74

You really can't complain about a first round 74 when you have me on the bag. I'm obviously about a two shot a side hindrance to any professional golfer. Today, as Erica Blasberg and I teed off on our first hole of the day, the par-5 10th, I already regretted not getting a chance to play more practice rounds.

Two bogeys to start had Erica a little hot, me a little nervous and Blogger Caddy 1.0 in serious trouble of ever getting to 2.0. Erica hit a drive on her third hole, the 12th, that was smoked, and a second shot that went to the middle of a tough, undulated green. A lip out birdie there that should have dropped (damn you Papago) had us back to being comfortable and we play the rest of the round even par.

I'll say two things before conceding to my FanHouse recap.

First, I give caddies on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour an assload more credit after being out there only one day. As I was doping around on the green, helping Erica with her reads and making sure I didn't hit a volunteer with the flagstick, the two other caddies in my group, Mick and Lisa, were stepping off yardages for the next three days.

When I brought this up to Erica, she said it was more for their peace of mind than the players because it gave them the opportunity to be more comfortable overruling a player if they felt it was the wrong club.

The second note is I think we will have a good next three rounds together. The front nine I was nervous and reserved, defaulting to whatever Erica said because, honestly, I didn't want to tell her to hit 7-iron and it end up buried in some bunker and she's staring me down like I kicked her puppy. Heading to the back nine, I remembered that the caddies are there to do a hell of a lot more than just carry the bag. I started tossing my input in, helping her read a putt on the 11th she would eventually cash for birdie and talking her out of trying to hit a punch shot on 12 that was up against a tree.

I told her it would be smarter and better to just punch it backwards in the fairway and take her medicine, a decision she agreed with me on and nearly got it up and down from 100 yards for par. The last hole was my shining moment. The ninth hole is a tricky par-4 that doglegs right and after sitting on the tee waiting for the group in front to clear the fairway, Erica, up first, blocked her tee shot a hair and it ended up catching a tree branch and dropping to the right of the fairway, in a mix of random sized trees. We got to the ball and she had a tiny window, but a window nonetheless. Erica was fairly convinced it was a five iron. I was sold on a six. I told her she'd rather be short, the pin was back and if she ripped it, it might even get there.

Erica grabbed the six from me, made one of her best swings of the day and hit a towering shot that landed on the front of the green and rolled to about 25 feet. Two putts, a par and a good round considering the conditions.

Trust me, it makes caddying a lot easier when the moment you ask the player to pull off a shot most regular golfers would cringe at, she does it like she was on the range in Las Vegas.

Tomorrow we get the afternoon with no wind. I'd make sure the sign boy in our group has a good amount of red.

(My FanHouse recap of the first round is here, and you can get the full link to all my "Caddie Tales" here. Check out the other story as well. You'll laugh at me because I'm dumb.)

And Here We Go ...

There isn't really anything that compares to waking up early for a tee time. The alarm goes off and you're jazzed, reading to get that shower over with so you can toss on your golf clothes and hit the tee.

I'm out of the shower, about to eat my Wheaties and go to the course to get ready for Erica Blasberg's first round at the J Golf Phoenix LPGA International. Blasberg tees it up at 7:45 in the Phoenix area and you can follow her round right here.

Also, being the good caddy I am, I'm sporting this Puma golf polo today. The last time someone wore this same polo they won the Accenture Match Play. Geoff Ogilvy, I like your style bro.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Really Glad This Lady Was Never a Beverage Cart Girl

Here is a fun story coming from Bunnell, Florida.

You and your buddies are just sitting outside a bar, having some yucks and playing a little horseshoes. It's a nice day and the only worry in your world is who is up for next round because that Dos Equis Amber is getting a little shallow. You turn to ask if someone wants another brew and BAM!

A Flagler Beach woman driving a golf cart is accused of intentionally running over another woman who was watching a game of horseshoes, dragging her under the cart for about 15 yards before stopping.

Linda Lee Pearce, 41, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery for reportedly running over Verna Boylan, 56, Palm Coast, near the horseshoe pits behind the Roadhouse Bar in Flagler Beach, according to a report from the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

A passenger in Pearce's golf cart told deputies Pearce was behind the wheel when she noticed Boylan. The witness told police that Pearce said, "Oh, there's the (expletive) . . . I'm going to run her over," and, then, she drove the cart straight into Boylan.

Linda Lee Pearce quickly became my number one girl I'd never want to see barreling around the corner as I was just questioning to my friends out loud, "Where is this cart girl?!?" I'm sure even just using "cart girl" instead of "beverage cart attendant" would get you pancaked.

The most insane part of this whole story is that she said that the victim jumped out in front of the cart and told the police officer, "he would've done the same thing had he been in her shoes." Oh, and she was drunk. Imagine that.

h/t Press Tent

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Caddie Experience, Day Uno

Since we haven't formally announced the whole caddying over at FanHouse, I thought I'd write up a quick note on the nine hole practice round Erica Blasberg and I played together today.

We went out to Papago about 3:30 PM to play the back nine again. She had played it already but wanted to give it one more look because Erica doesn't have to play in the Pro-Am tomorrow.

Nine holes, 100 percent on fairways hit. It was really quite a display. I watch in about 70 percent awe, 20 percent nervousness and 10 percent sheer confusion on exactly the correct method to do this caddying thing so I didn't look like a fool. To be fair, caddying in a practice round is about 200 percent tougher, since you have to get wedges and different balls and rake bunkers while they are putting and everything else.

Erica's demeanor about the entire game is pretty incredible. She cares about all the little parts of the course and the numbers, but she doesn't let them bother her. It is almost a peaceful intelligence, something you'd expect from a fisherman that knows the holes to toss the bait in but acts like it is just another day in the boat.

We went around the back nine taking a few notes and shooting a few yardages, but for the most part, I was just impressed by her performance.

/shakes finger at screen

"I have a good feeling about this ... that's all I'm going to say, I have a good feeling."

Photo Courtesy of Hunter Martin, Getty Images

Some Caddying Advice from the Armchair

Niel over at the Armchair Golfer had some helpful advice for me this week as I embark on my first professional caddy job that involves a female. To be honest, I did caddy once for my buddy Casey Broadus in a Adams Tight Lies tournament in Shreveport, Louis. once and he shot a four-under 68. The next day, I got replaced by his dad and I'm nearly 99.8 percent positive that he never broke 70 the rest of the week.

So, check out the advice from Neil that includes this one that had me chuckling.

"“Hit it, Alice.”

I wonder how long it would take for the most overweight person in the crowd to come take her bag as I try to wrestle it from the guy, demanding my money? "I did it because it's a defining moment, and when a defining moment comes along, you define the moment, or the moment defines you."

The first practice round is today. I'm extremely interested in who we go out with.

Monday, March 23, 2009

In the Most Heterosexual Way Possible, You Can Help Dress Sergio Garcia!

I haven't checked Michelob Ultra's stock, just because A.) I wouldn't and B.) I have no idea how to check stocks (I'm not a broker), but it must be tanking because Sergio Garcia will do any promotional spot possible right now short of coming to your kid's birthday party dressed as a clown.

In partnership with the PGA Tour, Sergio is doing something for the PLAYERS (why is it capitalized) Championship where you can help dress him for the second round. That's right, you pick his outfit.

Maybe the saddest part of this is there is a perfect "I wonder if he will have an all yellow outfit available" joke that my buddy Ryan Wilson and I make constantly over at FanHouse but there really is a yellow outfit option. Some things never change.

I really do think this is a fun idea for fan interaction, but couldn't they be a bit more spiced up? Garcia obviously has no problem wearing random stuff, and the best we could do is red shirt and black pants? In this current economic downfall you have to take CHANCES!

A Few Quick Links

The Goose is back, and other stuff that happened this week in golf. [FanHouse]

Armchair Golfer has a 44-page Masters guide. Go now. [Armchair Golfer]

Anna Rawson signed with GoDaddy.com. [Devil Ball Golf]

Guess Who is Caddying for Erica Blasberg?

Admit it -- you've been sitting around at times thinking to yourself, "That Dogs That Chase Cars guy would probably be a really incredible caddie." Oh, you haven't? Damn.

Well LPGA golfer Erica Blasberg laughs at your negative caddying presumptions about me and wants you to know that starting this Thursday, yours truly will be lugging Erica's bag for 72 straight holes.

/touches toes ... cracks back ... sighs

Yep, it's true. This week I will be at the J Golf Phoenix LPGA International Presented by Mirassou Winery at Papago Golf Course in Phoenix, Arizona caddying for a real, live LPGA girl in a real, live LPGA tournament. What you got to say about that, Rick Reilly?

I haven't exactly decided what approach I'm planning on taking, but it should involve multiple reports over at the Golf FanHouse page including some (crosses fingers) good Getty Images photos from my friends over there (thanks Maxx).

Just a little background. I went to the University of Arizona, where I met and covered Erica during her time dominating the collegiate golf circuit. I'm not going to tell you I'm the best caddie in the world, but I do have some experience at a little known golf club called St. Andrews (pats back), so at least someone believed at one point that I can read a putt or two.

It should be interesting and I'm excited, and my two goals are these -- not to land Blasberg a fine for a bad bunker rake job and try not to hand her a 9-iron when she asks for a 6. Easy does it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hey, it's golf bloggers chatting! Tuna Golf's Spencer Dieck talks with Jay Busbee on the Devil Ball Golfcast and it's pretty good stuff. Listen to it. Breath it in. Also, Dieck loves Carnoustie, so I, in turn, love him. [Devil Ball Golf]

Tiger Woods To Play Bay Hill

Just like most predicted, Tiger Woods announced on his website that he will be back next week at Bay Hill to defend his title at Arnold Palmer's tournemnt two weeks before the Masters.

Woods came back to the tour at the Accenture Match Play and has teed it up at both the CA Championship and the Tavistock Cup over the last week. This week he took off but he'll be back at Arnie's tournament on a course he has won at five times over his career.

So, will he win it? I said I thought he'd take the CA Championship, but a top-10 finish and a couple of days of good play at the Tavistock might have him right where he wants to be. This is all just a warm-up for the Masters anyway.

David Cannon, Getty Images

TaylorMade Will Give You Free Golf Clubs (If Sergio Wins the Masters)

This is pretty crazy stuff (but I like every second of it). TaylorMade and Golfsmith are running a promotion that basically kicks every other promotion's ass ever.

If Sergio Garcia wins the Masters, and you bought a TaylorMade driver, you get it free. Seriously.

I mean, I've heard of stuff before, but this is really, really cool. Sure, the likelihood of Garcia taking Augusta is probably slim, but if you're in the market for a new driver, why wouldn't you get one between these dates? It only makes sense.

h/t Bushwood

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tiger Woods hasn't teed it up in Australia since 1998, but that won't stop the world numero uno to go Down Under for the Australian Masters. Do you think Australian people hate when non-Australians refer to their country as "Down Under"? I bet they do. I bet it gets rather annoying, like when adults try to talk to kids in pop lingo. [Golf.com]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why the Hell Would He?

The fact that I'm even writing about this makes me a click whore, but whatever. Supposedly Jessica Simpson has decided to take up golf, because, well, why wouldn't she?

No, the real reason is because she wants to learn the game so she can spend more time with Tony Romo, which I'm sure he is thrilled about because nothing says an enjoyable 18 holes like having your obnoxiously famous girlfriend whiffing off the tee as your buddies makes jokes in the background?

That isn't really the news (well, besides the fact that Simpson said golf would help her get in shape). The real news is that Simpson asked Tiger Woods for golf lessons, but Woods declined, citing Charlie Axel as the reason.

A source tells In Touch Weekly: “Jessica is taking it seriously. She even asked if Tiger Woods would give her some pointers, but he’s been busy with his new baby.”

I'd like to clarify something for everyone that is reading this -- no way Tiger really isn't giving her lessons because of the baby. The real reason is he probably has one or two more important things to do than to sit behind some model kid with zero brains and try to instruct her like he's Kevin Costner and she's Reno Russo. The fact that Jessica even asked Tiger pisses me off. Is there any famous person left in this world that doesn't believe the world revolves around them?

Also, I'd like to point this out to all the ladies reading. If you are attempting to take up golf for your boyfriend because you think "he wants to spend more time together," don't. Guys go to the golf course to drink some beers, hit some golf shots and relax.

Oh, and if the first thing you do to get set up with the game of golf is buy a $8,400 Louis Vuitton golf bag like Simpson did, you seriously should just off yourself. It would make everything better in the long run.

The Worst Week For Golf

We are in an economic crisis like nothing we've ever seen. Companies are laying people off faster than it takes Charles Barkley to hit a shank. The PGA Tour is, quietly, trying to stay afloat while all this bad stuff is going down in hopes that when the tsunami ends we can still have tournaments with sponsors and such.

So, my question is simple -- why have a golf tournament the same week as the first round of the NCAA Tournament? I'll explain.

I'm a golf freak. I spent the last two days glued to the television for the Tavistock Cup, and I have absolutely no idea who even won! I don't care, but it was golf on, and good golf at that. I'll watch Shell Wonderful Worlds of Golf, good golf shows (there aren't a lot, but I'll watch them if they catch my attention) and I play golf like a man checking off his last item on the bucket list. I'm addicted, but even I won't watch golf this weekend. It's the Transitions Championship (which, for the record, I love), and the field isn't that bad, but it just seems like a waste of a tournament.

The NBA and the MLB have All-Star Weekends, so why not make this the week off for the PGA Tour? Trust me, I'll be way more willing to watch an end of season tournament with Franky Nobirdies in the field before I'll tune in to watch golf with Virginia Commonwealth up two on UCLA with eight seconds to go. We have the most exciting weekend of the entire year going on during all four days of the golf tournament, so why not take the week off?

This is just my thoughts. Is this a bad idea? Would the PGA Tour listen to this? Should I call Congress?

The New Big Break Looks Cuter

One of the my goals for 2009 was to get more interested in different television shows that I don't normally watch. You know, like start watching Lost or something. A few of the ladies of the new Big Break series are making it a lot easier to DVR it.

Cash over at Bushwood Country Club
is going to have a few of the girls in and out of the clubhouse to profile and I think it's a pretty good get. They look to be fairly interesting. Kim Kouwabunpat (pictured), Blair O'Neal and Caroline Larsson are three of the contestants this season. They are like golfers only cuter.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How Do You Get to the Golf Course?

You know on Saturdays, when you and the guys have decided to leave the yard work for another day and go hit the links? Everyone gets excited, tossing on their favorite golf shirt from the trip everyone took to Myrtle Beach and some slacks and getting your golf shoes ready to go.

You call your best friend Frank and ask him who is picking you up. Frank calls Lucas and Lucas decides that Brandon is going to pick everyone up. Umm, does Brandon come grab you in this?

Yeah, I didn't think so. It must be pretty damn great to be a professional golfer sometime. The guys took a helicopter to the golf course yesterday. A helicopter.

Marc Serota, Getty Images

Nick Watney Chip In at CA-Championship

I found the video of Nick Watney chipping it at the CA-Championship last weekend, and thought it would be unfair not to share with anyone and everyone. Mickelson's reaction, though not in the video, was priceless.

The Tavistock Cup is a Hidden Sports Gem

I've always been anti-Silly Season events. Ever since the Skins Game lost the big names (mostly because the players didn't need the extra cash anymore), the Silly Season has basically lived up to its name. It is like my time away from the golf world when I can really get set with the NFL and enjoy watching football while the weather changes.

The same can't be said for the Tavistock Cup, going on right now in Florida. I'm fucking love this thing. Honestly.

I have watched action both days and have no idea who is winning or losing but it is a lot of PGA Tour players competing in a Ryder Cup-like format with goofy shirts on. How can you not enjoy it?

Oh, and there is Tiger Woods. Yep, Tiger. It had been eight months since we got to watch Woods swing a golf club, so any and all bonus coverage of him on the golf course is alright with me. From the CA-Championship to the Masters is usually a long haul for me. I have never been a huge fan of Bay Hill, so waiting four weeks until we get to see azaleas is a pain in the ass.

This little tournament thingy is awesome. I'd say if you haven't watched any of the action, catch the replay tonight on The Golf Channel. Good stuff by all the players.

Marc Serota, Getty Images

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tiger Woods Is Kinda Funny

If you didn't know, Monday marked the day that two really rich golf courses in Florida put their best professional golfers on display to compete in something called the Tavistock Cup.

You probably wouldn't hear about it, but Tiger Woods competes in it (and won his match today) and most of the money is donated to certain charities.

Anyway, as you probably have seen, Henrik Stenson spent last Thursday stripping down to his undies as he hit a shot out of the mud at the CA-Championship. Well, on the first tee of Tiger and John Cook's match against Chris DiMarco and Stenson, Woods had a present for 'ol Mr. Henrik. A new pair of Nike tighty whities.

Now that's a good friend right there.

David Cannon/Getty Images
Hey, John Daly is BACK!! [FanHouse]

This Guy Hates Phil Mickelson

As Jay Busbee points out over at Devil Ball Golf, it is rare that us sports bloggers agree 100 percent with the announcers, but this might be one of those times.

Yesterday, as Phil Mickelson was smoking his last drive of the CA-Championship, someone screamed as clear as a Phoenix day in March, "GET IN THE WATER!" Here, watch.

I hate any golf fan that screams "Get in the..." anything, so yes, this guy is a douche. Thoughts?

Tiger Woods Thinks Rory McIlroy Could Be the Best

You don't hear Tiger Woods talking about another golfer as tops in the game, but that's just what Rory McIlroy will do to you.

Saturday, after Woods shot a 68 at Doral, he was asked about the potential of McIlroy being the top golfer in the world.

"There's no doubt," Woods said. "But hopefully it's not while I'm around," he added, laughing. "Certainly he has the talent. We can all see it. The way he hits the ball, the way he putts, the way he can chip, and get up-and-down. He has the composure and all the components to be the best player in the world. It's just a matter of time and experience and then gaining that experience in big events. That just takes time and, I mean, geez, he's only 19. Just give him some time and I'm sure he'll be there."

Obviously if you are catching Tiger's attention, you are doing something right.

I love McIlroy's games, but as I wrote at FanHouse last week, it is scary he is getting this much media attention at such a young age. As we've seen in the past, teenagers at constant media attention normally don't mix well. Just ask Justin Rose.
A little love for Phil Mickelson on his win Sunday. I wrote about how, unlike other times in his career, Mickelson was tougher than the rest of the field and should be applauded for that. I also side-stepped any "How in the world could he have gone three days without eating" jokes because I'm trying to grow up a little. [FanHouse]

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Phil Mickelson Wins It

It was as impressive as the scores indicate. Four rounds in the 60s, his second win in three tournaments and the possibility to be the top golfer in the world come Augusta, Phil Mickelson triumphed at Doral on Sunday.

Congrats Lefty. I dog you a lot on this website (no pun intended) but you played some damn good golf.

Getty Images

The New Cleveland Launcher Commercial Is Excruciating

I've noted that I'm not a huge fan of Boo Weekley. Sure, I like him fine and all but I think his whole "I'm a country boy, when is the Masters, can I get sweet tea here" thing is way more of an act than people realize.

Anyway, Weekley and Vijay Singh are in a new television spot for Cleveland (you can watch it here) and I guess I'm not really getting it.

They are sitting poolside hitting golf shots at each other's house? How does this do anything for the driver? Also, could Vijay be wearing any more makeup in that shot up close to his face?

The thing that probably kills me the most is that Boo is riding his driver when Vijay looks through the telescope at him. Really? Has anyone ever jumped on the driver and rode it around if they weren't A.) really, really, really, really, near death drunk or B.) trying to be funny and probably failing? I'd say no and no.

I'm sure my opinion is off on this, but those are the things that kill me.

Nick Watney Pulling Off Incredible Shots at Doral

If you aren't watching golf right now, I'll go ahead and apologize for all of us that are. Wow. Nick Watney will not go away, missing the green on the ninth hole long and left, but pitched the ball in the hole in one of those "no way he can ever get this thing close" circumstances.

It was incredible, and if that wasn't enough, Watney just smoked his second shot on the par-5 10th hole to about seven feet for eagle, with the putt upcoming. Turn it to NBC if you are around the television. This back nine could get exciting.

Update: Watney made the eagle putt and Mickelson made birdie on 10. Both are 20-under with eight holes to go.

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How Important Today is To Phil Mickelson and the Game of Golf

At 2:45 PM today, Phil Mickelson will hit a tee shot on the first hole at Doral leading the WGC-CA Championship at 16-under with Nick Watney. Those facts you probably know.

What you don't know is that this tournament may be the most important of 2009, with Mickelson battling to win a tournament that as Tiger Woods' coming out party. Here, let me explain.

All his career, Phil has been second fiddle. He was a dominant lefty all his life, but in 1997 Tiger came on the scene and has basically turned Mickelson into a secondary tale. He was the lovable loser. He carried a beeper during a tournament in case his wife went into labor. He smiles a lot. He, at times, is chubby like the rest of us.

Thing is, Phil is probably one of the top five most talented golfers to ever play the game. Like, ever. The guy is what we should love about golf. He takes risks, he makes decisions on the course and sticks by them. He is basically a living, breathing version of those Kenny Mayne commercials where he asks serious questions to golfers about their choices before allowing them to play his golf ball. What is true is that most of that stuff doesn't translate. People don't really like him. He never rises to the challenger Tiger has put down. Hes' that guy that makes everyone say things like, "Why is he hitting DRIVER on the 18th hole!!!!"

If he could pull this tournament out today he'd be a little bit different in my mind. He'd be a little tougher. He'd be the first big name to step up since Tiger's injury (sorry Padraig). He would be what we expected Phil to be a long time ago.

This was a media circus for one person, and he's the guy with the Swoosh. This was not a Phil Mickelson weekend. The first three days, he's made it about him and that is exciting for everyone involved.

We need Tiger and Phil to battle. It makes everything more interesting. It would be Mickelson's second win in three starts, two in a row at stroke play events. He'd be the hottest golfer in the world heading to Augusta. For the first time, he might be the story.

What would get Tiger more motivated than to see Phil's picture on the cover of all the golf magazines speaking of him as the favorite in Georgia? That the stuff that has to get golf fans excited. I sure am.
Not to continue to self pimp things on the Internet, but I was a "guest" on the FanHouse Podcast, previously called Buring Down the 'House and now being changed to 'HouseCast (you know, for the kids), and the chat was interesting. Will Brinson, Ryan Wilson and myself talked all things golf, including who had the best man boobs, Andre Smith or Phil Mickelson. In related news, I'm 11 years old. [FanHouse]

Friday, March 13, 2009

62-Year-Old Lady, I Hate You Too

There is a lot of hate on Dogs today, isn't there?

I have an oath to myself and my family that until I am lucky enough to get a hole-in-one, I will hate, with all my being, anyone and everyone that has an ace.

Unni Haskell, I hate you too.

First hole of her life. First swing on a course. Hole-in-one.

"I didn't know it was that big of a deal,'' she said. "I thought all golfers do this.''

Oh, Unni, you thought everyone did it? Yeah, everyone does do it. Did you know just last week every American in the world won the Powerball? Yep, every single person in this country is now worth $44 million. Oh, and did you know all the people in my apartment complex can dunk? Yep, two hand slams, reverses, no looks ... they can throw it all down. Home runs at Fenway? Kids play. Being president? I took the job for a couple of years.

Yep, easy as pie. Did you yawn after your hole-in-one? I played 18 holes the other day with my uncle. My scorecard looked like this.

1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 - 9
1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 - 9

Yep, I shot an 18. Nice weather out there that day. Whoa, is that a snail on my floor?

Did You Know People Really, Really Hate Tiger Woods?

You'd be hard pressed to find someone that hates Tiger Woods as much as writer Chris Jones of Esquire. I mean, this guy's got some hate that would absolutely melt in your mouth.

The April issue of Esquire should be interesting, as Jones basically goes OFF on the best golfer in the world, and by going off, I mean hating his entire being. Like, for real.

“I’ve been asked to write about the return of Tiger Woods,” Jones writes in an article titled ‘My Vacation from Hate,’ “and the thought of his Chiclets reflected in another shining trophy makes me want to punch a hole in the moon even more than the storm that will soon swallow it.

“Because I entirely hate Tiger Woods.”


Jones goes on to write: “I hate how he sniffs after he makes a putt. I hate how he calls himself Woody when he talks to himself. (Because really, who gives himself not one but two nicknames? …) I hate his red shirt on Sundays. I hate his caddie, the worst New Zealander in history, and I hate the Nike flunky who trails behind him like a donkey on a rope.

I hate how he could change the world in ways both great and good, and instead he’s settled for being a corporate shill, the smallest of concentric circles. I hate that he snorkels. I hate how golf announcers say things like, ‘Tiger’s on the prowl!’ when he’s fourteen shots back. I hate his fist pumps and howls, and I hate the ‘Get in the hole!’ dunderheads he brings out.

I hate what he’s done to golf, period, which was a sweet and beautiful game before he turned it into NASCAR on grass.”

Dear God that is intense. After reading all that I actually went outside and kicked a puppy, just because I felt like it.

To be fair to Jones, I have never met nor talked to Tiger in his career, so the guy has a better grasp of who Woods really is way more than I ever will. What I've always got from Tiger is he is who he is and he isn't necessarily going to change that. If people don't like it, they don't like it and he just goes about his stuff.

Sure, I get annoyed with some of Tiger's "I'm always prepared, I never say anything negative, I'm stoic, rarrr" stuff, but the guy carries a persona the same way Michael Jordan did or Kobe Bryan does now. You have to when you are trying to be the best in the world.

Anyway, interesting stuff. I will be the first to purchase the April issue of Esquire just so I can see what else is in there.

Richard Schultz, PGA Tour/Getty Images

Umm, Henrik Stenson? Nice Tighties.

You guys remember Aquaman, the famous nickname by Woody Austin after the guy went in the water at the Presidents Cup in 2007 and hit his ball out of the water, tumbling backwards into the pond?

Well, Henrik Stenson is now Quail Man.

Yesterday at the WGC-CA Championship, Stenson found his ball in the mud on the third hole, so he did what any logical golfer would do. He stripped down to his tighty whities and hit the golf shot, looking more "East Bound and Down" than "Former Accenture Match Play Champion."

"If you are saving a shot, that has to be worth taking your shirt and trousers," Stenson said. "I'm sure I'll hear a few comments and once the pictures get out, I'll hear a few more, no doubt. I'll probably take that to my grave with me. I don't think I scared too many spectators off the course, hopefully."

It was strange, because right after this happened, I got 27 e-mails from female golf fans asking if there was any way we could force Camilo Villegas to hit that same tee shot on the third hole today. No dice from Camilo.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A quick question for my blogging friends ... has anyone ever played Royal Aberdeen and/or Cruden Bay, and if so, what are your thoughts on the course? I'm heading back to Scotland in July and have a tentative schedule with those two on the list but I want to make sure they are worth the drive up from Edinburgh/St. Andrews.

Any help and thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks.

The Devil Ball Golf Podcast

Hello all. In case you don't read Jay Busbee over at Yahoo! (you fool), I was a guest on his podcast this week. We chatted about all sorts of golf stuff, some nerdy, some not so nerdy.

I really think you might enjoy it, and if nothing else, you get to hear us laugh some. Who doesn't like laughter?!?!?

Anyway, click here and check it out. Let us know what you think. Is it the beginning of a new golf blog Bromance? I think soooooo.

Rory McIlroy is Channeling His Inner Anthony Kim

There is a new rule on the PGA Tour. If you are under the age of 30 and are "the next big thing," you better get yourself a flashy belt buckle STAT.

Anthony Kim flashed his initialed piece all around the tour last season and now, the most talked about player since Tiger, Rory McIlroy, is sporting his own piece at the WGC-CA Championship today.

It can't be hurting, as the young Northern Irish phenom is four-under today, tied for 9th place.

David Cannon, Getty Images

Sean O'Hair Had a Pretty Decent Start Today

The leader, Jeev Milka Singh, is seven-under today, but right on his heels is one of my favorite golfers on tour, Sean O'Hair. How did O'Hair get to five-under?

Well, by being four-under through his first two holes. No, seriously. This is a screen grab of his first two holes.

I guess that is a pretty solid way to start the tournament.

Tiger's Pants Are Awesome, Two-Under

Through ten holes, Tiger Woods is two-under. Also, I'm fairly obsessed with his pants. Seriously, this color is awesome. Thoughts?

Sam Greenwood, Getty Images

Tiger About to Tee Off

Tiger Woods, Mike Weir, and Robert Karlsson are teeing it up at 11:25 ET, which is basically three minutes ago. We will try to follow his round fairly closely today, but I can't promise a ton of updates because Arizona is playing Arizona State at 3 ET and I will basically be pulling my hair out by the root. Awesome.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alright, remember I said this ... Tiger Woods wins this week at Doral. Yep, I said it. [FanHouse]

Hey, Look! Tiger Woods Is Just Like Us!!

Well, he's just like one of us if you exclude the near billions of dollars and all the green jackets he owns and big trophies that aren't for winning a Kappa Sigma beer pong tournament in '03 (Go K-Stam!).

Tiger was part of a media conference on Wednesday and said that he, like us, misses the old Augusta National. You know, the one that was more score-able and let players go out and shoot low numbers on Sunday to claim the green jacket.

"I just hope the excitement comes back on the back nine; it's not what it used to be ... 13, 15 were good drives, were automatic irons into greens, and that's not always the case now," Woods said on Wednesday at a media conference in Miami. "I miss guys being able to go out there and shoot 31 on that back nine and win a championship."

Hey, I hear ya, Tiger. I miss those days too. If you were to ask what was the most exciting Masters of this decade, Phil Mickelson's first win in '04 would automatically come to mind. Lefty birdied five of his last seven holes for a salty little 31 that ended with the "catchthelip, catchthelip" putt that dropped.

The lengthy changes have seemed to make that more obsolete. Maybe the weather will cooperate this year and we'll get to see a little more fireworks at the best major of the year. I sure wouldn't object.

Harry How, Getty Images
If Sergio Garcia wins the WGC-CA Championship this week at Doral, he will be the number one golfer in the world. Really tight Adidas shirts rejoice! [FanHouse]

Peyton Manning Would Pick Tiger Woods Over You

Unless you're from New England, you can't really hate Peyton Manning. He's a good athlete and a funny guy who makes hilarious commercials like this one. He seems like the kind of guy that would find someone's wallet and return it with all the money and credit cards still in their rightful slot.

Well, that is, unless returning it meant missing a round of golf with Tiger Woods. If that was the case, Peyton would kindly ask you to get out of his damn way. Here is the story.

This past Tuesday was something called "Manning Day" in Mississippi, where Senators and such take off work to celebrate the lives of the Manning family (?). I'm not really sure what they do, but I'm imaging a lot of people surrounding a big-screen TV with this "Sportscenter" commercial on a loop.

Anyway, Archie and Eli showed up for this Manning Day (still can't type that without shaking my head), but Peyton ditched the event. Why? Because the guy had a tee time with Tiger Woods.

The National Excuse Department (NED) has decided they are taking the rest of the year off as this is the best that anyone could possibly come up with. Next time the friend that is a girl is pissed at me for missing pasta night or getting drunk with my cronies while she is left watching "28 Days" at her house in her Snuggie? Babe, I'm sorry, but I was on the 10th hole with Tiger. You can't pass that up. Done and done.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tom Brady Plays Golf on Entourage

Here are pictures of Tom Brady on the set of "Entourage" where he played himself. That is the television show on HBO that used to be funny, but now is pretty lame. It also had Phil Mickelson on it once, playing golf, as himself. I'm seeing a trend here. Anyway, enjoy the pictures, from some website called Pop Suga (no, seriously) via Awful Announcing.

The only real thing that comes to mind while looking at these pictures is this ... how many hot chicks has Adrian Grenier, Mark Wahlberg and Tom Brady seen naked in their lives (and not in magazines or online)? I really think the number might be five digits, and I'm not kidding. Think about it. Wahlberg was a known male whore before he got all serious in his acting. Grenier gets laid a ton as himself or Vincent Chase, and you have to toss in 50-100 extras on the set that wanted to get a little Aquaman. And Brady? It was probably in the last six years, but Lord, this guy might have them all beat.

Also, in case you wanted to know, thinking about this forced me to go open a Sierra Nevada and drink it. Honest.

Links Course

When I was really flying a lot, Travel and Leisure Golf Magazine was one of my favorites to pick up. Unlike Golf Digest or Golf Magazine, which tends to have a lot of analysis of the golf swing, T+L was a good one to take your mind away from the actual swing and a little closer to vacation. It is closing up shop, and I just wanted to point out that the magazine was solid and I enjoyed it and hope some of those writers find another home. [Waggle Room]

Laci Underall did a ranking of the hottest male golfers on tour and completely and totally forgot about me! WTF!?!? [Bushwood Country Club]

Jason Sobel's number two in his Weekly 18 tackles the perks of being close to home. [ESPN]

Excellent conversational piece by our man Jay B. about journalist integrity and when it can hurt what you're really supposed to be doing. [Devil Ball Golf]

Phil Mickelson Knows His Equipment

It is honestly pretty incredible how much Phil Mickelson knows about his golf equipment. The guy is an absolute nut about this stuff.

Golf.com David Dusek wrote a story about Mickelson's recent tinkering with his equipment, and some of the stuff Lefty hears about and may or may not believe is insane incredible.

Why did Phil switch to his old irons?

"I don't know this for a fact," Mickelson said to a group of True Temper representatives recently, "But I've heard that when True Temper bought Royal Precision, that the tooling it used to make the Project X shaft was not purchased and was not part of the deal. And that the manufacturing of the new Project X by True Temper has not been as good or as consistent. So I have been trying to look into some different stuff. We have three sets on back-order from inventory before the purchase. But is that not accurate?"

Why is he using a new three-wood?

"This club has a lower profile [than his previous 3-wood, a Callaway FT], so you can see how thin it is in the back. My other 3-wood had a taller face. And because the CG is low, the spin rate is low. So instead of having an 11.5° 3-wood, I have 14° 3-wood. I'm able to get the ball up more easily because of the extra loft, but it doesn't float, which is the problem I've always had with 3-woods."

Listen, I don't fault Mickelson for his attention to detail. If anything, it is one of the few things I admire about Phil. If I were on tour, competing for millions, I'd damn sure get all my equipment to the perfect specs and lofts for me. I just think it is crazy how much the guys knows about all the available equipment.

If it means millions between a shot here and a shot there, I'd be using new wedges each week with the best possible thing for my game. I commend Lefty on this stuff. He's a little psychotic, but in this crazy game, who the hell isn't?
Is Rory McIlroy the new Sergio Garcia? I tossed the idea around in a mini-columny thing over at FanHouse. See what you think. [FanHouse]

The Tough Reality of Golf

Gary Van Sickle of Sports Illustrated and Golf.com fame wrote a short piece yesterday about his own experience with the struggles in the golf business.

Van Sickle admits to landing in Miami and driving the short distance from the rental car area to Melreese Golf Course, a municipal course in the area owned by the city of Miami. Set on playing some golf, Van Sickle admits to trundling into the pro shop to drove a few dollars to play what is described as a course in good condition. The thing is, the pro shop attendant wanted $158 for a non-resident of Florida. Didn't she know he was a journalist?

That is basically what the golf quagmire is right now. The courses still want a decent amount of cash to keep everything moving right along, but when pockets are short, spending $120 on golf as opposed to, ya know, groceries or something isn't exactly logical.

For instance, I use the website Golfnow.com a lot when I'm looking for courses around the Phoenix area. I was actually turned on to the site when it used to just be Golf520.com and golf480.com, but now it works nationally and you can find some good deals.

Just clicking around for a minute makes Van Sickle's point for him. Talking Stick, a public "desert" golf course managed by Troon Golf, is one of those courses that every Scottsdale visitor wants to play (I'm not a fan of the North Course at all, but the South is solid). If you and a buddy were going to tee it up tomorrow, it would be $110 each. Troon North, with a discount label below the number that says "You Save 20 Percent" is still $195. Even Camelback Golf Club is $99.

Prices are just too high for golf right now. I'm sure some people are playing them, but I guess I'd rather have a full tee time at discounted prices than have 50 people on my course all day at the prices people are used to. One of two things will happen in the next year. The economy might get a little of that Alex Rodriguez juice and become something again or you'll be able to play some golf at a few courses for dirt cheap ... before they go under.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The golf course is Hardin Park, and it is set to host the Presidents Cup in October. Thing is, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the darn thing isn't close to ready. Now, I hate Chris DiMarco, but the intro to that article is pretty funny. I wrote my own version of the story at FanHouse. Check her out. [FanHouse]

Call Me Crazy, but Paula Creamer is Alright With Me

I have always tried to stay away from being that blogger that always talks about how hot the athlete in a certain sport is. For instance, I've always argued that, while Erin Andrews is an attractive female, she'd probably just be another good looking girl in the bar if not for her fame. What I find attractive about Miss Andrews is her ability to think on the fly, nail interview after interview and appear to come off as a regular girl.

So, in the golf world, we have LPGA golfers that people fawn over. I've interviewed Natalie Gulbis. I think she's a cool chick with a great golf game and a solid attitude on life (not to mention a cool Twitter page). I'm just saying, if it came down to it, I think Paula Creamer is a little more my style.

Besides all the pink accessories, which is obviously turning into more of a selling point than anything, Creamer just seems a little more "regular," but in a good way.

I have absolutely no idea why I'm writing this. It isn't really relevant to anything, besides the fact that Creamer carded her second straight third place finish this weekend. I just was looking at this picture on Devil Ball Golf and it got me thinking.

Anyway, your thoughts are much appreciated. Anything you got, shoot it over. I'd love to hear how right or wrong I am, since I'm wrong about 87 percent of the time.

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Tiger in the Wrong for Applying to CA Championship at the Last Minute?

Golf blogging maestro Ryan Ballengee brought up a great point over at Waggle Room about a few of the non-blogging websites dogging Tiger Woods about his last minute call to join the WGC-CA Championship.

Basically, a few of the writers at Golf.com were on Tiger about the last minute application, saying he was doing it for the wrong reasons.

Evans: Tiger has the majors mentality that I think hurts the game, overall. Who can fault Tiger when every question we ask him is about Augusta? He's selfish in not promoting events because we engender an environment for that kind of thing to fester.

I'm basically with Ryan on his assessment of this argument. You really care that Tiger took all the time he needed in making a decision on the CA Championship? What is so wrong about that? It isn't like he just showed up on Tuesday with his sticks ready to tee it up without announcing he'd be back and he sure didn't pull a Chad Campbell.

This would be the equivalent of Bill Gates being a contestant on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" and taking a ton of time to answer a Microsoft question. Yeah, we all know he is going to get it right, but wouldn't you want to think it completely over before answering a huge question? (Also, that analogy works because like Gates, Tiger could decide not to play in this tournament (as in, answer quickly and get the question wrong) it wouldn't really matter to either person's bank account).

Anyway, I'm with Ryan. No point in ruffling your feathers over something that isn't a big deal. So he took a while to fill out the form? He's in the tournament, isn't he?

Jack Nicklaus Thinks Tiger Woods Knows Nothing About Design

I've always liked Jack Nicklaus, just because it was fun rooting for him as his skills were declining. To this day, the 1986 Masters is my favorite sporting event to watch and remember and his run in 1998 was as remarkable to me as that win in '86.

One thing I've noticed from Jack over the last few years is his snark attitude towards Tiger Woods. He seems to respect Tiger and probably likes the guy but if there is a moment Jack can say something negatively about the guy that will end up taking down his major championship record (that Jack doesn't want to happen), Jack does it.

In a Q & A with Golf Digest, one of the questions was about course design and if Tiger and Jack had talked about it. This is what Jack responded.

No. I wouldn't think so. Tiger, at this point in time, wouldn't know anything about design. He knows how to play golf and he knows what a golf course looks like. But it was no different than when I was his age and starting out -- I wouldn't know anything about design. If he decides to get involved he'll learn. He's a smart kid and it depends on how much he wants to get involved. He won't know how to do it, but he'll learn. It will take him seven or eight golf courses before he'll learn enough before he'll really be able to talk about it intelligently.

That's a dig, right? Sure, Jack compliments him by saying he's an intelligent guy and all, but flat out saying he knows nothing about design when you've never talked to the guy about it seems a little ridiculous.

Sure, Jack probably knows more about it than Tiger, but you can't just say that without talking shop with the guy. I'd expect a little more from the Golden Bear, but when it comes to Woods, Jack tends to say whatever he feels, even if it isn't the most positive.
If you are really bored and looking for something to pass the time, check out Stewart Cink's Twitter page. Like anything Twitter, you can't totally know if it is him or not, but it sure sounds like him. Check it out. It's golfy!

(Oh, and I was trying to think how many people would follow Tiger's Twitter page. I'm trying to think if there will be more of less than Shaquille O'Neal's page. I'm going with more. Thoughts?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Had You Ever Heard of This Guy?

I have to admit, I didn't watch a lot of golf this weekend. I had some other stuff going on and had to put the Honda Classic on down the list (Not gonna lie ... if there was a tourney to skip, I'd take this one).

Anyway, some guy named Y.E. Yang won the tournament. Honest question -- have you ever heard of this guy before? Be honest. Nobody likes a liar.

Doug Benc, Getty Images

Saturday, March 7, 2009

How will Tiger do at Doral next week?
Miss cut
pollcode.com free polls

Friday, March 6, 2009

Yeah. After this post, Tiger Woods announced he will be playing in the CA Championship. Get pumped.

The New Pro V1 and Pro V1x Review

I need to let you guys know something. I love Titleist. Have for many years. To me, Titleist is the Rolex of golf equipment ... as beautiful to the eye as they are precise to the golfer. Titleist could make a dominatrix suit and I'd probably wear it to the links this Sunday.

Last week, I contacted Titleist about the new Pro V1 and Pro V1x. Since that company rocks, I got a dozen of each to test out and see how I felt about them. Thursday morning, before my work day began, I lugged my golf bag out to Starfire Golf Club in Scottsdale, Ariz. for a quick nine holes with the new balls.

First, I played with the Pro V1x. That ball has always suited me better than the Pro V1, just because my swing speed is high and I usually put a lot of spin on the ball. I think the Pro V1x has always helped compensate for extra spin with the wedges, and the new ball is no different. The first hold I had a wedge in, and hit a nice little shot up there that did yank back a little, but not too hard. The second hole was a short par-3 and needing just a little spin with the ball to keep it within birdie range, I got just that.

I've always been able to control these balls the best of them all. I hit some different tee shots with the Pro V1x to see if I felt anything lacking and I didn't. It was better than it's predecessor. I took out the Pro V1 for a couple of holes and it is just as good as I remembered. If I went to a course with dried out greens, the Pro V1 would be in my bag.

Anyway, conclusion to the story -- the new Pro Vs are just as awesome. Go get a dozen or two and hit 'em around the links this weekend. What else are you going to do with your money? Invest it?

(Just FYI -- Titleist is doing a "Free Pro V" giveaway over at the site. Click here and just fill out the form for a chance to win some free balls. For realz.)

The 436th Time Someone Has Said This

I love golf.com. I think it is the best golf website on the web that isn't a blog. It is up to date and has great writers and all that jazz.

So, this isn't a dig, but I thought this headline was pretty hilarious.

Sergio aims for first major? Really? I mean, I guess the point is to get people to click it, and I clicked it, but haven't we been talking about Sergio winning a major championship for like 10 years? Dating back to that '99 PGA Championship I think he has been "aiming for a major."

Just my two cents. I think that until you win one, maybe talking about how much you want to win one is pointless. I guess if there is a golfer out there that would make a big deal about nothing, it is Sergio.

Hey Garcia, guess what I'm aiming for tonight? Not falling asleep in a gutter. The sky is the limit, Serg.

Still No Word From Camp Tiger

You might have missed it, but Tiger Woods returned to the PGA Tour last week. It wasn't talked about much, so I could understand how you looked over it.

Tiger played well at times, rusty at others, and ended up being ousted in the second round by Tim Clark. Now, we wait .... and we wait ... and we wait until the man announces his next return so we can all JUMP IN JUBILATION FOR HIS RETURN, ummm, AFTER HIS RETURN! HOORRRRAAYYYYY!

The above screen grab is from tigerwoods.com. Next tournament -- TBD.

Tom Brady to Be Second Pro Athlete to Golf on Entourage

If you didn't catch Entourage last season when Phil Mickelson was the guest, I don't blame you. Lets face it, the show sucks now.

That isn't to say that Lefty would be the last professional athlete to tee it up with the non-acting cast. Mr. Dimple, Tom Brady, is set to be on the HBO show next season, as a golfer!!


That is about all there is to say about this. I hope Brady isn't expected to give Ari any golfing pointers. That guy's swing looks like bees are swarming him.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lee Trevino, who this blog was basically named after, let me down today. He basically went old man on all the current PGA Tour guys, saying they need to make it to where all the players have to play EVERY tournament once every three years. I'm not a fan. Get off my lawn!! [FanHouse]

A Few Things That Kill Me About "Tin Cup"

Last night, I was pretty tired and had been thinking all day that it had been a while since I sat down and watched "Tin Cup." Honestly, no matter the heartbreaking (and unbelievable) ending, the movie has always been one of my favorite sports movies, mostly because it revolves around the psychotic behavior of golfers and the fact that I've played most of the golf courses in the movie (Kingwood and Tucson nods).

I just decided to jot down a few things that really do kill me in the movie.

--Okay. So he owes his stripper ex-girlfriend $12,000 so he sells her the driving range for $10,000. She is quoted as saying something like, "Say the driving range is worth $10 (thousand). You still owe me $2 (thousand)." The next image is him going to the pawn shop (on 4th Ave. in Tucson, nonetheless) and selling his clubs. Then, he plays the guy at the country club with the random instruments for $400 and goes and gets his clubs back. What gives there?

--Obviously, the entire "breaking the club" part. If you are a caddy you have to agree with your player. No caddy on tour would tell his player they couldn't hit a shot, even if they knew the guy couldn't hit that shot. Just ask Jean Van de Velde.

--The road Simms hits the ball down is a one lane road. It doesn't exactly look paved like an interstate. The guy takes a full swing with a 7-iron and doesn't even take off his jacket? The ball could miss the road completely, hit once and kick straight sideways or bounce a couple of times and fall off the road. I'd say the percentages of hitting a golf ball up a road without it bouncing off has to be less than 8 percent, even for a golf pro.

--The shanking part. This guy is a golf pro. If you have ever shanked a golf shot on a driving range, you know exactly what the next shot is. The direct toe job. You smoke that bad boy on the toe just so it doesn't hit the hosel.

--Can you drink in an Winnebago if you aren't driving? If not, that sure does make me more interested in owning a Winnebago.

--If you are worried you might be shanking the ball on the driving range at the U.S. Open, why in the hell would you go to the far left side of the tee? I'd be as near that white gate as possible, so I could just shank the ball into the fence.

--You show up at a U.S. Open, in hopes of winning the tournament and the heart of your woman, and you play NO practice rounds? This isn't the celebrity tournament in Tahoe.

--"We should have set an alarm," is what Romeo says as they are running to the first tee. Again, this is the U.S. Open ... probably the right time to not set an alarm.

--Romeo mentions Roy is the "first one off" on Thursday. That means, he'd be last off on Friday. If he is finishing up on 17 and 18, nobody else should really be on the course, yet they are.

--A par-72 means the 83 had Roy at 11-over. Alright, so he shoots 62 on Friday (right). Now he's one-over. On the 18th on Saturday, McAvoy's sign says he is 7-under. That means, his Saturday round is eight-under. That's a 64! Nobody is talking about how he went 62-64 in the U.S. Open? Riiiight.

--McAvoy is the first guy out hitting range balls on Sunday. U.S. Open Sunday tee times are LATE. He is in the final group. Just saying ...

--It isn't really worth talking about the last hole thing except this. How in the hell does a ball roll back in the pond on the 18th hole with a 3-wood? It lands like two feet! If a ball couldn't stay on that green with a 3-wood, there is ZERO way anyone would be able to hold a wedge. It is almost a better play to try and hit a no spin wood from 240 than try and hit a knuckleball wedge up there.

Alright, that is all. If you have any, please add them on.