Friday, March 6, 2009

The 436th Time Someone Has Said This

I love I think it is the best golf website on the web that isn't a blog. It is up to date and has great writers and all that jazz.

So, this isn't a dig, but I thought this headline was pretty hilarious.

Sergio aims for first major? Really? I mean, I guess the point is to get people to click it, and I clicked it, but haven't we been talking about Sergio winning a major championship for like 10 years? Dating back to that '99 PGA Championship I think he has been "aiming for a major."

Just my two cents. I think that until you win one, maybe talking about how much you want to win one is pointless. I guess if there is a golfer out there that would make a big deal about nothing, it is Sergio.

Hey Garcia, guess what I'm aiming for tonight? Not falling asleep in a gutter. The sky is the limit, Serg.


Marc said...

but wait, He won the players. NBC keeps telling us thats a major right?

Shane B. said...

Good point. Major champion, Sergio Garcia!!!!!

Mark said...

That and every WGC tourney. Hell let's make the Honda and Y.E. Yang a Major champion. Get Johnny Miller another scotch!

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