Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Caddie Experience, Day Uno

Since we haven't formally announced the whole caddying over at FanHouse, I thought I'd write up a quick note on the nine hole practice round Erica Blasberg and I played together today.

We went out to Papago about 3:30 PM to play the back nine again. She had played it already but wanted to give it one more look because Erica doesn't have to play in the Pro-Am tomorrow.

Nine holes, 100 percent on fairways hit. It was really quite a display. I watch in about 70 percent awe, 20 percent nervousness and 10 percent sheer confusion on exactly the correct method to do this caddying thing so I didn't look like a fool. To be fair, caddying in a practice round is about 200 percent tougher, since you have to get wedges and different balls and rake bunkers while they are putting and everything else.

Erica's demeanor about the entire game is pretty incredible. She cares about all the little parts of the course and the numbers, but she doesn't let them bother her. It is almost a peaceful intelligence, something you'd expect from a fisherman that knows the holes to toss the bait in but acts like it is just another day in the boat.

We went around the back nine taking a few notes and shooting a few yardages, but for the most part, I was just impressed by her performance.

/shakes finger at screen

"I have a good feeling about this ... that's all I'm going to say, I have a good feeling."

Photo Courtesy of Hunter Martin, Getty Images


Cash said...

Great update,Shane. However, you stole BCC's "signature" quote... We will all be cheering for Erica at the 19th hole - and praying that you don't fall in a pond !!!

Brian Chung said...

if you don't want a caddy, you can have an automated, three-wheeled robotic golf cart follows behind you, carrying your bag so you don't have to.


Tristen said...

Being a caddie is an important part of the game of golf. I teach individuals how to caddie and I seem to come up with the same question. Have you ever had a conversation with a golf cart? Useless as teets on a boar hog. Caddies provide a great service to their players as well, and help the player with their yardage, pace of play. Golf was invented to be a walking game and to me Americans are lazy. Golf? play it as it should be played and most importantly enjoy it.