Monday, March 9, 2009

Call Me Crazy, but Paula Creamer is Alright With Me

I have always tried to stay away from being that blogger that always talks about how hot the athlete in a certain sport is. For instance, I've always argued that, while Erin Andrews is an attractive female, she'd probably just be another good looking girl in the bar if not for her fame. What I find attractive about Miss Andrews is her ability to think on the fly, nail interview after interview and appear to come off as a regular girl.

So, in the golf world, we have LPGA golfers that people fawn over. I've interviewed Natalie Gulbis. I think she's a cool chick with a great golf game and a solid attitude on life (not to mention a cool Twitter page). I'm just saying, if it came down to it, I think Paula Creamer is a little more my style.

Besides all the pink accessories, which is obviously turning into more of a selling point than anything, Creamer just seems a little more "regular," but in a good way.

I have absolutely no idea why I'm writing this. It isn't really relevant to anything, besides the fact that Creamer carded her second straight third place finish this weekend. I just was looking at this picture on Devil Ball Golf and it got me thinking.

Anyway, your thoughts are much appreciated. Anything you got, shoot it over. I'd love to hear how right or wrong I am, since I'm wrong about 87 percent of the time.

Getty Images


Mark said...

Sir how is the 87 percent effected by House Reds? The world's problems ain't got nuttin on you slick.

The Armchair Golfer said...

I'm going to withhold my right to call you crazy, but I'm not going to this time. Women's golf does have a decided edge in certain categories.

Matt said...

I completely agree. Paula is the only reason I ever watch the LPGA.

Divotman said...

I have been watching the LPGA to look at Paula pretty much since she came on tour. There is something about Natalie that just doesn't do it for me. Paula is much prettier and has far more game.

spencer096 said...

add me to the "paula" list. she's got it goin on.

Orange Chuck said...

I would take the first one who smiled at me, I am not that picky. Damn sure have a hard time saying no to either one and heck, I am married.

Kevin said...

Sadly, the LPGA needs these players - and needs them to play well. When they fall off the leaderboard, my attention goes with it. It's hard to justify giving them face time when they are 8 shots off the lead. If you are good looking, take up golf. People will cheer for you, sponsors will pay you, and pigs like me will tune in.

rudy garza said...

Paula is the reason i watch Lpga,always in the hunt at pretty to take her over over anyone else

baffler231 said...

Creamer is a world class whiner and a bit self conscious for my taste!!

PosIT said...

Okay, I will admit it since everyone else is: There are many good reasons to watch Paula, and heck Katherine Hull, some having to do with golf. But why feel guilty? Do Tiger and Adam Scott draw people (note the lack of gender specificity) to watch for reasons other than the golf? Heck, my wife openly admits that she had no idea what an offensive foul in hoop was until MJ came to the NBA. We are only human after all.

Paul Narbe said...

Whatever brought me to this blog, I know not.
Suffice it to say that I, an aged gentleman of over 50 years, can share my wisdom with you when it comes to Lady Golfers in general.

It should be revealed to you that I have caddied off and on for female golfers ever since I was 14 years of age (and that was 38 years ago !!!!!).

That being said, allow me to enlighten you to the collective psyches and mindsets of female golfers (and in this case, the women from the LPGA).

There are three (3) cardinal rules that you GENTLEMEN should always adhere to, and they are :

1) YOU, my good man, had best have an unspoken, indescribable, altruistic
LOVE for the game of GOLF first !!
(Hint: There are some days when your favorite "golf babe" doesn't do so well.....Well?!?, so what ?? At least, you could be out there on the course cheering her on).

2)From what I have picked up and learned over the last 38 years, you had best know this:
ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS regard your favorite "golf babe" as an LPGA TOUR PROFESSIONAL first !!!!
These beautiful women are ladies first, not centerfold b*tches !!

.........Take it from me..these ladies really appreciate and soak in your polite clapping and words of encouragement more than your alcohol-induced, star-crazed shouts of "In the hole!" and "Would you please have your picture taken with me with my arm around you?"

3)Finally, to all of you young guys (which amounts to all of you under 52 years old), I may be an old fart in your eyes, but please allow me to share my "List of Favorite Women Golfers" for your judgment, appraisal and reaction.
I encourage you to respond back to me personally at my email address, which is

Anyhow, most of you young studs will have to research and "Google" my list of favorite LPGA ladies over the years.
That's good for you guys !!!
You'll learn how to do detective work on the Internet !!!

So, here are my favorite LPGA "Beautiful Women" (or Babes, as you would call them).

In a somewhat chronological order, they are:

1) Marlene Hagge --she's in her 70's now, but this pretty lady was the youngest LPGA winner in history !!----check her out---about 40 years ago,I saw a picture of her in a bikini !!!---can you imagine? An LPGA golfer in a bikini !?!?!

2) Jan Stephenson -- a beautiful young lady, and an Aussie at that !

3) Laura Baugh -- this gal, from what I can remember, was a sensational 17-year old phenom with beautiful blonde hair !!
She eventually "moved on" in her life and had a bunch of children.

4) Nancy Lopez (in her earlier years) -- Nancy was a real breath of fresh air to the LPGA...She gave a bit of that Southwestern USA/Hispanic beauty and flair to the Ladies' Tour.

5) Finally, in order that all of you guys don't think that I'm an old, over-the-hill grump, here's my "recommendations" as to the most current group of attractive LPGA women:

a) Natalie Gulbis -- pretty?--yes-however, let's let her sharpen up her game..

b) Paula Creamer -- pretty?--yes, very much so and very attractive in many other ways---I think she "wants it" (the LPGA title)a bit more than Natalie and it shows in her blue-collar, spirited drive week in and week out.

c) Morgan Pressel --pretty?---Yes, Yes, Yes !!----Talented?--Yes!
...............For all of you young studs and bloggers (that is, those of you that are younger than my golf bag), let me tell you this:

Miss Pressel is a mere "baby" in the scope of things, when it comes to the relative ages of the other golfers.

PLEASE, PLEASE encourage her and cheer her on-----and don't get weird about it.

d) Brittany Lincicome -- pretty?--yes..capable?---yes..
She has her own web page...go to the LPGA wbsite, check her out specifically at her own site.

e) Finally, there some very pretty South Korean golfers on the LPGA tour...One of my favorites is Mi-Hyung Kim, along with some others.

All of you men, I must go now.
If you want to respond to me personally, please do so.
If any of guys really want to talk LPGA golf, I am here !

Paul Narbe

Patty Nicholl said...

Hoorah, for Paul Narbe!!!! I was about to say the same thing in much less impressive words. You men are sick if the only reason you watch the LPGA is the hot girls. The PGA is great because of several major individuals, like Woods, Nicholas, Jones, etc. The LPGA is great because the competition is much more balanced, and its just wonderful to watch which one of many is going to have a good week.

I for one, really wish Anika could have stayed to see what records and accomplishments she would have attained. And if she's not hot enough for you, tough! It's the GAME that's hot!!!

Geez, you guys never fail to lower women’s opinion of you yet further.

ToddCommish said...

I've been a Paula fan for years, mainly because she's from Pleasanton, CA. The fact that she grew up to be a very attractive woman HELPS (well, a lot), but I was rooting for Juli Inkster and Patty Sheehan (SJSU grads) long before Paula was even playing local tournaments.

And the media likes Gulbis because she takes off her clothes. If you just look at her face, you wouldn't cross the street to talk to her.

fattaruso said...

It seems to be unanimous, and I generally agree that Paula is the most attractive and endearing of the whole tour, and it does not bother me that she comes up a bit short of winning more than one might hope, but that too is telling of the tour and the quality of the competition. Did anyone else notice that in this whole blog, the #1 women's player was not mentioned ONCE? What's with that? She's also endearing and simply dyn-o-mite on the course, and may even rival Annika's numbers some day. I have been somewhat dismayed by some of the commercial ventures that Natalie has done, but can't really blame her for it either. She obviously does not have the talent or ability (whether it is mental or physical) to be an upper echelon player, but she has had some very good tournaments and I hope she has many more. She works very hard and is a credit to herself and the LPGA. I don't watch closely, but I don't agree with the comment that she "takes her clothes off". Maybe I missed something. I commend them all, and enjoyed some of the older player references as well. How about the next time you compare Christina Kim to Michelle Wie?

Jean said...

Go get 'em Pauls. She will win pleanty of majors and more. She's young and talented. I used to watch the LPGA from time to time, but ever since PC hit the scene I must watch. She has that gut determination that is more attractive than anyting. I wish her the best and look forward to many more years of watching her out on the links.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Paula has Cankles!

Anonymous said...

Paula should change her name from Pink Panther to Sourpuss!

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Anonymous said...

Paula let herself go, her ass looks huge in pants, her double chin and her ankles are gone. She also seems like a pouty crybaby.

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