Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Erica Blasberg Critiques My Week

I asked Erica Blasberg if she wouldn't mind writing a little something about the week we had caddying together, and to my surprise she got it to me quickly.

(A quick preface -- Erica's original email jokingly started "So Pheonix (I know you'll spell this right for the post, but isn't it funny how the caddies live and die by the accuracy of those books and they don't even have a simple thing like the spelling of the city we're in correct...haha. Maybe it wasn't your fault those times i came up short! :) jk." It is true. The yardage book that is dauntingly titled "THE BOOK" didn't even spell Phoenix correctly on the cover.)

Here is Erica's message ...

So Phoenix has come and gone and I have had a few days to think about my week and sort of reflect on my play and the whole weeks experience and you know what, it was pretty good. Minus the fact I shot what seems like a million over par on a course I don't feel like I played worse than 5 under par, which wasn't because I didn't play great, I just could not make a putt to save my life.

But my experience having Shane on the bag was awesome! I was a little hesitant to bring someone out to caddie that isn't a full time LPGA caddie, just because some people on our tour have a tendency to make big issues out of the smallest things; which is why we are a woman's tour, and that stuff is just no fun to have to deal with especially if you are not accustom to it. But I had a feeling that Shane would be fine and know how to handle any situation out there, which he did with barely any advice or suggestions.

I was a little scared on one of our first holes Thursday though when one of my fellow playing partners hit info a fairway bunker and I suggested to Shane that he might have to rake the trap if she flubs the shot and has to hit again next, well she hit a great shot but he still decided to kindly rake that bunker, but the only problem was I was the farthest away on the green at that point and when i looked up to get my ball cleaned and get an eye on my putts line he was still in the fairway raking.

He quickly eased my fears though when a couple holes later I tried to get my own yardage. I didn't properly add the numbers and Shane quickly helped with my math skills and fixed my mistake for me. But besides all those technical things it was great having Shane out there. He kept me laughing and relaxed most of the four days and more importantly didn't let me get down on myself for too long after a bad hole. It might be that we get along so well off the course that made our chemistry on the course so solid, but whatever it was I think I can honestly say that besides not having the results i was hoping for (damn you Camelback Mountain, not all putts broke away from you!) I really had one of my favorite weeks on tour in my five year career. Thanks Shane for putting up with me and all of my many putter tosses ... hope your shins don't hurt too bad!


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