Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Really Glad This Lady Was Never a Beverage Cart Girl

Here is a fun story coming from Bunnell, Florida.

You and your buddies are just sitting outside a bar, having some yucks and playing a little horseshoes. It's a nice day and the only worry in your world is who is up for next round because that Dos Equis Amber is getting a little shallow. You turn to ask if someone wants another brew and BAM!

A Flagler Beach woman driving a golf cart is accused of intentionally running over another woman who was watching a game of horseshoes, dragging her under the cart for about 15 yards before stopping.

Linda Lee Pearce, 41, was arrested and charged with aggravated battery for reportedly running over Verna Boylan, 56, Palm Coast, near the horseshoe pits behind the Roadhouse Bar in Flagler Beach, according to a report from the Flagler County Sheriff's Office.

A passenger in Pearce's golf cart told deputies Pearce was behind the wheel when she noticed Boylan. The witness told police that Pearce said, "Oh, there's the (expletive) . . . I'm going to run her over," and, then, she drove the cart straight into Boylan.

Linda Lee Pearce quickly became my number one girl I'd never want to see barreling around the corner as I was just questioning to my friends out loud, "Where is this cart girl?!?" I'm sure even just using "cart girl" instead of "beverage cart attendant" would get you pancaked.

The most insane part of this whole story is that she said that the victim jumped out in front of the cart and told the police officer, "he would've done the same thing had he been in her shoes." Oh, and she was drunk. Imagine that.

h/t Press Tent


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