Monday, March 23, 2009

In the Most Heterosexual Way Possible, You Can Help Dress Sergio Garcia!

I haven't checked Michelob Ultra's stock, just because A.) I wouldn't and B.) I have no idea how to check stocks (I'm not a broker), but it must be tanking because Sergio Garcia will do any promotional spot possible right now short of coming to your kid's birthday party dressed as a clown.

In partnership with the PGA Tour, Sergio is doing something for the PLAYERS (why is it capitalized) Championship where you can help dress him for the second round. That's right, you pick his outfit.

Maybe the saddest part of this is there is a perfect "I wonder if he will have an all yellow outfit available" joke that my buddy Ryan Wilson and I make constantly over at FanHouse but there really is a yellow outfit option. Some things never change.

I really do think this is a fun idea for fan interaction, but couldn't they be a bit more spiced up? Garcia obviously has no problem wearing random stuff, and the best we could do is red shirt and black pants? In this current economic downfall you have to take CHANCES!

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Cash said...

I am hoping that Henrik Stenson wins the CONTEST so HE can dress Sergio. Now that's entertainment....