Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Links Course

When I was really flying a lot, Travel and Leisure Golf Magazine was one of my favorites to pick up. Unlike Golf Digest or Golf Magazine, which tends to have a lot of analysis of the golf swing, T+L was a good one to take your mind away from the actual swing and a little closer to vacation. It is closing up shop, and I just wanted to point out that the magazine was solid and I enjoyed it and hope some of those writers find another home. [Waggle Room]

Laci Underall did a ranking of the hottest male golfers on tour and completely and totally forgot about me! WTF!?!? [Bushwood Country Club]

Jason Sobel's number two in his Weekly 18 tackles the perks of being close to home. [ESPN]

Excellent conversational piece by our man Jay B. about journalist integrity and when it can hurt what you're really supposed to be doing. [Devil Ball Golf]


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