Sunday, March 15, 2009

The New Cleveland Launcher Commercial Is Excruciating

I've noted that I'm not a huge fan of Boo Weekley. Sure, I like him fine and all but I think his whole "I'm a country boy, when is the Masters, can I get sweet tea here" thing is way more of an act than people realize.

Anyway, Weekley and Vijay Singh are in a new television spot for Cleveland (you can watch it here) and I guess I'm not really getting it.

They are sitting poolside hitting golf shots at each other's house? How does this do anything for the driver? Also, could Vijay be wearing any more makeup in that shot up close to his face?

The thing that probably kills me the most is that Boo is riding his driver when Vijay looks through the telescope at him. Really? Has anyone ever jumped on the driver and rode it around if they weren't A.) really, really, really, really, near death drunk or B.) trying to be funny and probably failing? I'd say no and no.

I'm sure my opinion is off on this, but those are the things that kill me.


The Coach is Killing Me! said...

I rewound the ad to try to figure out what Boo's wife said to him at the end, but it was incomprehensible. Just odd all around.

Marc said...

and who says "no mam" to his wife?

The Coach is Killing Me! said...

My wife was in the Marine Corps. I say "yes, ma'am" all the time...

84hcp said...

Shane the spot shows how "acurate and consistant" the drivers can be. Not likely for us weekend duffers.

Coach, the wife asks "Boo, are you pestering Vijay again"?

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