Saturday, March 21, 2009

TaylorMade Will Give You Free Golf Clubs (If Sergio Wins the Masters)

This is pretty crazy stuff (but I like every second of it). TaylorMade and Golfsmith are running a promotion that basically kicks every other promotion's ass ever.

If Sergio Garcia wins the Masters, and you bought a TaylorMade driver, you get it free. Seriously.

I mean, I've heard of stuff before, but this is really, really cool. Sure, the likelihood of Garcia taking Augusta is probably slim, but if you're in the market for a new driver, why wouldn't you get one between these dates? It only makes sense.

h/t Bushwood


Matthew said...

A local furniture dealer here in Massachusetts has run a similar promotion. If the Red Sox win the World Series, everyone who bought a significant piece of furniture during a certain time got it for free. The first year they ran the promotion? 2007! Lots of happy furniture buyers that year.

They've kept the promotion, though slightly changed. If the Sox *sweep* the Series, the furniture is free.

Lucas said...

Unlike a lot of golf fans, I like Sergio. The guy catches a lot of grief from people but he is a hell of a golfer.
Talk about your ultimate backfire... I'm rooting for Sergio next month as a little payback for the price gouging we get on golf products every day.

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