Friday, March 6, 2009

Tom Brady to Be Second Pro Athlete to Golf on Entourage

If you didn't catch Entourage last season when Phil Mickelson was the guest, I don't blame you. Lets face it, the show sucks now.

That isn't to say that Lefty would be the last professional athlete to tee it up with the non-acting cast. Mr. Dimple, Tom Brady, is set to be on the HBO show next season, as a golfer!!


That is about all there is to say about this. I hope Brady isn't expected to give Ari any golfing pointers. That guy's swing looks like bees are swarming him.


Aaron Bennett said...

He's not there to be giving golf tips, he's there to say, HEY, I'm married to the world's richest supermodel, and you are not!

Shane B. said...

Wait, I'm not?

/checks Facebook status


Anonymous said...

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