Thursday, April 23, 2009

Adam Scott Is Best With No Major?

Forbes did a report on who they thought was the best golfer without a major championship. While most would agree it is Sergio Garcia, Forbes went a little deeper and came up with Adam Scott, who makes all the ladies say holla.

I wrote my little piece over at FanHouse. Check it.

David Cannon, Getty Images


niel said...

9 or 8Burn...

AppleDawg said...

Scott has been a popular choice to win a major for how many years now?

I know he is still young but still

He never really contends in majors

At all

Shane B. said...

Yeah, couldn't agree more, Dawg. He doesn't contend, so how is he the highest ranked? I mean, I think that should be a huge factor when making this list, but I guess the more cuts you make, the more chances you have to win. Or something like that.