Friday, April 17, 2009

Boo Weekley Needs His Own Reality TV Show

I'm laying down the gauntlet today. Consider Friday, April 17 the day I challenged "The Golf Channel" to something. TGC, you guys have all the opportunity in the world. You are starting to get it with The Big Break. You are killing it with The Haney Project. Now, leader of TGC, I ask for this -- a reality television show that just follows Boo Weekley around in his everyday life.

Last week Boo was on a radio show and was asked a few question including what he thought of the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson showdown at Augusta National and the eventual ending to the tournament.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t watch none of it, to see what Tiger and them did. I turned it on and I watched Kenny birdie the 16th hole and was like, “well he’s won this one and congratulations to Kenny” you know and next thing you know I go upstairs and I’m getting all my stuff organized in the room I’m staying in and I hear my ma and pa down here hollering and screaming like someone done jumped in here trying to scalp ‘em and I didn’t know what was going on and I ended up watching the golf and the ending and Cabrera and the whole deal.”

The guy is Lee Trevino with a camo hat. He needs to be followed with cameras. I want to watch him cooking dinner, talking to friends, and dipping. I do not think it is fair that this hasn't been available to us yet. TGC, if you need writers to help come up with this idea, just e-mail me. I will fly to Florida in about 20 seconds.

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AppleDawg said...

A lot of the PGA commercials about payers are stupid but Boo's is HILARIOUS.

"With a name of Boo, how could I not interact with the fans"