Thursday, April 16, 2009

Did You Really Think Rory Sabbatini Would Let Us Down After Augusta?

The above picture is that of Rory Sabbatini during his first round at Harbor Town. Since I don't really have a job other than to sit at home all day eating Flaming Hots and writing random quips about sports, I tuned in to the first round action and immediately caught sight of what Sabbatini was wearing.

Ok, here is a game we will play together called, "What is Sadder?"

What is sadder? That I ...

A.) Had a Getty Images tab opened most of the day/night, refreshing Rory Sabbatini's name in the search box in hopes that they had snagged a picture of him in these ridiculous pants with that belt so I could put it on the website.

B.) Actually got more excited when it finally came than anything else that happened all day, and that includes getting brand new Golf Pride Brushed Cotton Technology grips in the mail that I will have put on my clubs first thing in the morning.

C.) Own a pair of shorts that are the exact same color as Rory's pants that I am currently making fun of.

You pick. I'm going with "C," and just to prove to you that I'm not lying, here is a picture of the shorts (I had to sharpen it a tad because the lights in my place suck), with one of the new grips in front of it so you can totally grasp how simple my life really is. Enjoy.

Rory Pictures Courtesy of Streeter Lecka, Getty Images ... Shorts Picture Courtesy of the Man That Owns a "We're #1" Finger Puppet


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