Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Get Set For the Miller Chill Invitational

I have never understood the snag in using alcohol as a sponsor in certain sporting events (the NFL doesn't seem to have a problem with it), but the PGA Tour is different and likes to avoid using a company that sells alcohol as their main squeeze.

Well, up until now. According to Jon Show of the Sports Business Journal said that the PGA Tour is really looking into allowing "spirit" (that means alcohol ... hehe) companies to headline events.

Executives at PGA Tour headquarters are taking their most serious look yet at loosening rules that prevent spirit companies from buying tournament title sponsorships or traditional endorsements with players, said multiple sources familiar with the talks. Industry sources estimated the category could be worth up to $50 million a year in new sponsorship dollars.

The PGA Tour has considered such a move before but didn’t take action because of the stigma attached to the category, said a tour source. The PGA Tour’s board of directors would have to approve any change in the rules, and there is no firm timetable for a decision.

I'm all for this. You can say whatever you want about my following point, but alcohol and golf were made for each other. Hell, a beer company once signed maybe the least beer-drinking fellow in the world, Sergio Garcia, to a sponsorship deal, so at least Michelob Ultra understands it.

I think this makes good business sense. Hire a spirit company to headline some events, cash in on the easy money and understand that just because the event is called the Makers Mark Shootout, people aren't going to start hiding whiskey bottles behind their computer screens at work.

h/t Waggle Room


Lawrence said...

Found your blog via Deadspin. The camouflaged Cleveland wedge was hilarious. Sadly, Boo Weekley, who clearly will have/already has it in his bag is probably way too stoked about it.

Shane B. said...

I'm sure he bought some for all his cousins.

Also, welcome!

AppleDawg said...

I have never understood it either but I have always respected the PGA for it

I drink as well and like Bud Light ads

If the ban ends, so be it

Ryan Ballengee said...

Love the pic, Shane!