Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is Women Paying Less At Golf Courses A Crazy Idea?

An idea was brought up last week by Brandon Tucker of the World Golf Blog about the different in a typical round for a woman as opposed to a man. His idea was pretty simple -- women should pay less when playing a golf course. His points? Not so simple.

The first one makes sense when looking at it from a business standpoint. He comments that women play less of each golf course than men, and that is a smaller percentage of the product they are paying to use, so it should be discounted for the ladies. The only problem with this is, if you did that to women, you'd have to do it to older men playing the up tees and maybe even boost the price for guys tipping the course out. While the yardage of the golf course might change (he thinks 10-20 percent off is fair), they are still taking as many shots as a man would, thus using the golf course in a similar fashion.

His second reason really threw me for a loop. He say that women tend to spend more in golf shops, so the price should be discounted in order to draw more women in, thus boosting their pro shop sales. Have you ever been out with men between the ages of 35-70? All they wear is golf shirts from different golf courses around the world. Buying a golf shirt in a pro shop is like man's tourist photo. It shows they were there and is a small little memory they can wear when going out for dinner. I'd almost argue that men spend more than women do. When is the last time you heard of a women buying a sleeve of Pro V1x balls in the pro shop, which are usually marked up to $16 or $18? I rest my case.

He also pointed out that men spray the ball more off the tee into other fairways, so lawsuits occur. I mean, this just seems like a huge stretch and not totally relevant. So women never hit their balls in other fairways? Is there a stat on this?

He points out that women play faster, which may or may not be true. I'd say women probably play faster, but not for the points he makes. I think they play faster because they aren't searching the woods or desert for golf balls on half the holes. Swing speeds are slower, so a miss will still probably find the grass. No matter, I'd like numbers to back this up. I've played with women that are slooooooooow just like I've played with men that have made me want to quit after the front nine.

Oh, and this was great.

Lastly, fellas, we should remember that women pay wayyyyyyy more for haircuts than us.

I'm assuming Brandon was being facetious, so in that case, he had me chuckling.

If you want more women to play golf, you need to find a way to get them on the course at an early age. Ladies take up the game in two junctures ... early age when their fathers teach them or later in life to spend more time with their husbands.

If you want more women on the golf course, get to them as early as possible.

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AppleDawg said...

No. Everyone should pay the same amount except children, imo, who should get a discount if below...whatever...13-14.

A man or woman can be fast or slow on the course and they can both be great or suck

Should not be a different price