Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kenny Perry Finished Bogey-Bogey, Just Not With His Daughter

I hate to get all T&A on you here with the latest two posts, but I wanted to bring something up. In my marathon live blog this past Sunday during the Masters, I mentioned this as CBS was scanning Kenny Perry's family watching the 48-year-old play the 18th hole.

6:51 PM: Should I say it? Okay, I'll say it. Kenny's daughter is pretty hot. I'm sure she is like 15 though and I'll get in trouble by my editors for saying it. Whatever. You know you were thinking it too.

It turns out, via The World of Issac, that his daughter is years older than 15. She might be 18. Or even 19! Oh, and she's a Tennessee Titans cheerleader and way, way hotter than I initially thought. Also, I'll call your hot golfer daughter and raise you a thick, thick Southern accent.

Here is Lesslye Perry's YouTube video. Lesslye, a little piece of advice a few of my friends would probably agree on ... "DON'T GET YOUR CPA! DON'T DO IT! YOU WILL WORK 400 HOURS A WEEK AND HATE YOUR LIFE! MARRY ANTHONY KIM OR SOMETHING! HE WILL PROVIDE FOR YOU!!!"

That is all. Enjoy the video. She's cute.


14 STIX said...

Pards, she's already married. More info on the blond daughter please...

AppleDawg said...

I would hit it.

Show more of her....and Tiger's wife...and Phil's wife