Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Masters Now Has An iPhone App

I had an iPhone for about two weeks before trading it in for a Blackberry. I loved the iPhone, but it is more of a toy than it is a business tool. Right this second? I hate myself.

That is because the Masters now has a cool iPhone app that does the following:

--Live, streaming video from the Tournament including Amen Corner Live, holes No. 15 & 16, Masters Extra, the Par 3 Contest and Player Interview from 3 locations.

--Live Leader board featuring an over/under scoring view, player information and pairings with tee times.

--Course Information with flyovers, player tracking, and hole details.

My buddy Ryan Wilson over at FanHouse has downloaded it and said it's pretty sweet. Enjoy, but try not to rub it in. Thanks.


John said...

I just found out a friend of mine is going to the Masters. For free.

I have to kill him, right?

Shane B. said...

Kill him and don't even hide the body. The cops will understand.

Marc said...

this app looks great. There really is no point in going to the office next week. Ok, maybe Monday and Tuesday but that's freakin it.

Shane B. said...

I couldn't agree more. Just take the week off and sit at home. I dog ESPN all the time, but showing the Par-3 Tournament is just another reason to sit at home with beer and golf.

niel said...

BS that it isn't compatible with iPod touch. Maybe next year...