Thursday, April 30, 2009

Phil Mickelson's Fashion Has Officially Double Bogeyed the 18th at Winged Foot

Listen, Phil Mickelson has come back in my good graces the last few months. His play against Tiger Woods in the final round of the Masters was pretty ballsy, even if he struggled on the back nine (granted, it was still a 67, so there's that). Mickelson has lost weight and started working out and looks about as good as when he first wore the conquistador helmet in Tucson.

That said, the guy's fashion right now is as erratic as his tee shots can be. We all know about the white belt Phil pulled out months ago to much chagrin. Now, on a day where Tiger posted a 7-under 65 at Quail Hollow, Phil has gone with the green shirt and green belt! Evidence is above, but I'm awaiting a Getty Images photo of his cream pants and white shoes as well.

I'm putting out a watch on The Golf Girl right now. She might have to tackle Phil if he continues down this fashion path.

Picture Update: Here is Philly with the white shoes, courtesy of Streeter Lecka of Getty Images, who might have the best name of anyone ever. Streeter!

Scott Halleran, Getty Images


AppleDawg said...

I have never worn what he has but I don't really see what is wrong with it.

How ugly are those new nike shirts with that white crap on the back of the shirts?

Shane B. said...

That actually is a great point. Those Nike shirts aren't good looking. I feel that Tiger is the only person on the Nike staff that gets it.

Kim wears those nasty shirts. Cink wears a hat that looks like it is youth sized. K.J. Choi wears visors.

Adam said...

Can you find out where FIGJAM buys his belts? I'm sure they are super expensive, but if I dig up a little scratch, I'd like to buy one. I actuall liked the crocodile white one.

The Khaki Crusader said...

Phil's belts are made by House of Fleming in Atlanta. That's where many of the top tour guys go for exotic skins. Phil's belts, with the thickness and serious sterling buckle, go for alot. But HOF makes really cool belts with contrast stiching starting at like 60 bucks. Go for it.

Shane B. said...

Khaki, how much do the big boy's belts go for? I thought I saw something once that the belt he was wearing in Golf Digest was $2,000.

Heather said...

Call me crazy, but I liked the white belt and I think I like the green one even better. I think he looks great.

Besides it's not the color of the belt, but how you use it. :o)

The Khaki Crusader said...


Wouldn't surprise me if Phil dropped upwards of 800 bucks for those 2'' thick belts from HOF. I guess when you're making 35-40 mil a year...

David said...

Phil looks much better in the team issued shirts, but . . . he chose BROWN shoes to go with navy slacks!

TC said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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