Monday, April 13, 2009

Sergio Garcia is Smart

You know what will make you popular with the golf world, if you're a millionaire professional golfer that is already universally disliked? Complain about the most famous piece of land with little flags attached to it in the world.

Oh, hey there Sergio Garcia, didn't see you there. Got anything to say about Augusta National?

Yeah, that Augusta National, a real shithole.

Do you think Sergio's publicist just carries around Aleve like most of us carry Chapstick? The person has to, right? Garcia hasn't made a good publicity move in ten years, and was on fire here yet again.

Hey Serg, next year, if you don't like Augusta this much, don't play. I know about 50 billion people that would take your place in an instant, and 48 billion of them are probably less bitchy than you (the other 2 billion ... the Taliban).


John said...

Wow. Talk about sour grapes. Just wait until this new generation of top European golfers surpass him on the Euro Tour and begin winning major championships. Sergio is fast becoming a one-trick pony. Too bad there is no money or individual prestige associated with the Ryder Cup.

Mark said...

I have two words for you Sergio, one begins with F and the other, well U know

Shane B. said...

The comments are just ignorant. You don't sit around and complain about a golf course that had huge thunderstorms swing through Friday night. Of course they were going to get mud balls. What did Sergio want, Augusta to throw the fairways in the dryer?

The guy is basically the real life version of Jim Carrey in "Liar, Liar." He says whatever he feels, even if it is going to get him in trouble.

Patricia said...

Sergio was just being Sergio, and frankly I don't think anyone - except maybe that Aleve-addicted publicist you mention - really wants him to change.

Padraig Harrington is polite and thoughtful and diligent, and that's great, but let's face it, no one want Sergio to be polite and thoughtful and diligent, they want him to be Sergio. As much as they may not wish to admit it.

Lucas said...

As much as people have always disliked Sergio, I've always pulled for him and been a huge fan. Love watching him play. After his Friday round I was excited, but this is just dumb. I don't really know what else he could've said or done to make him look like a bigger asshat in front of that camera.
For the record, I also picked Ogilvy to win the dang thing and I'm not sure he even made the cut.