Monday, April 27, 2009

Tiger Is Expensive

Do you remember when Tiger Woods announced that he'd be hitting up the Australian Masters in November? It was good news for everyone except, well, Australians. The people were upset that they would have to pay taxes for Mr. Woods ridiculously high appearance fee, and now it seems the regular public won't even be able to watch him.

Via Local Knowledge

Now, it seems, that even for $1.5 million, the taxpayers probably won't be able to watch Woods play -- even on television. The Daily Telegraph is reporting that IMG is asking $3 million for broadcast rights, and each of the three commercial networks that could air it on free television say the price is too steep. As of now, it will likely go to a pay TV entity, the newspaper is reporting.

Wow, pay-per-view golf? Really? I mean, I know Tiger is a superstar and all, but would you really pay to watch him tee it up in a tournament that isn't a major? I feel pretty bad for the Australian public. While Tiger seems to land that type of money in other venues around the world, asking $3 million for television rights in this day and age is pretty contemptible.

I'd really hate to see how much tickets will be to this thing.

Fernando Medina, NBA/Getty Images


AppleDawg said...

That is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

He already plays a joke amount of total tournaments but is now holding tournament hostage with his absolutely absurd fee?

He is losing fans by the droves lately with more stories like this

Aussie Golfer said...

It'll be on PayTV which is our equivalent of cable. There's only a 3 free to air commercial networks here anyway and none of them are all that much interested in golf anyway.

I'm pretty happy it's on PayTV here (Foxtel), they've been supporting golf for a long time now and is the only place you can watch the PGA Tour week in, week out.

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