Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wait, What?

Some of us golf bloggers on the web do a fairly good job at sending around our content if we find it fit for the other writers. This morning, my inbox was brighten with the follow e-mail from Jay Busbee -- "Four words: Ghetto Golf, the videogame." What. The. Hell.

Apparently, some videogame is trying to get picked up called "Ghetto Golf," where you basically run around beating the hell out of anything and everything with a golf club. It has golf balls that explode and have spikes in them and are rubber.

I'm not even sure if there is golf involved or if it is just beating shit up like you are John Daly's hotel room. I'm not a big video game guy, because I'd rather go outside than sit around acting like I'm playing golf, but this seems a bit much.

Our kids are already screwed up. Just wait three months and you won't even be safe at your golf course.

Old Man: Hey Johnny, you going out to play 18 holes?

5-year-old Johnny: Take this, bitch. /hits Old Man with golf club. //Hits him again.


GLENDA said...

Gee, is the language of this necessary. Talk about our kids screwed up; I'd say that don't need to read this blog.

Come on now!

Shane B. said...

Yeah, I'm sure cussing is what will screw up our youth.

Oh no! Don't say shit, all the youth might not hear it anywhere else!!

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