Monday, April 6, 2009

What Is Your Favorite Masters Memory?

The Masters is a tournament that more than just tournament history. Golf fans of all ages and walks of life have one or two stories about the Masters and if they went to it, experienced it with a special someone or just fell in love with golf because of it.

My first Masters memory was 1996, when Greg Norman lost to Nick Faldo in historic fashion. My dad is a golf fanatic as well and I remember being mildly interested in the tournament as my ADD tried to convince me to go outside and run around.

My favorite Masters memory came in 2004, when Phil Mickelson won his first green jacket. At the time, I was a sophomore in college and dating a girl from my hometown of Texas. I was home for Easter and we had our big dinner out at my aunt Diane's lake house. While the house was an incredible place, with Caddo Lake in the backyard, I was quite perturbed that I might miss Mickelson's heroic victory (or equally incredible collapse) because her house had spotty television.

We finished dinner, and I had found myself alone in the back room watching the Masters on a 15-inch television. As Mickelson started to make his charge, family members started to make their way back to the bedroom with the TV. Before I knew it, my entire family was sitting on the bed, cheering for Phil with my then-girlfriend equally as enthralled. When the putt curled in on 18 for the birdie and the victory, the room erupted.

Before that Sunday, the Masters and myself were dating. That was the moment the rings came out.

What is your favorite Masters memory? Drop in in comments.


John said...

My favorite memory is also the 96 Masters. Watching on Saturday with my dad, when the coverage was over he was super-psyched that Norman was going to finally win the Masters. He even used the phrase "stick a fork in this one."

I sat on our living room couch and quietly said, "if Nick Faldo wants to win this thing he will."

My dad said I was crazy.

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