Thursday, April 2, 2009

When Golf is What It Should Be

I'm going to premise this little post with the following warning -- you're probably going to hate me after reading this. I understand it. It's something I have to live with and I guess I'll just take my lumps because it is something I want to share.

It has been a shitty week, one of those weeks you are just ready to be done with. My college basketball team is going down the tubes, my personal life isn't much better and I posted a story about Arizona basketball with some good, inside sources that turned out to be incorrect, thus making me look like Chris Mortensen 2.0. On top of all that, the only things I've been thinking about all week is how bad I want Michigan State to win (I could win some money in my bracket) and how I'm so ready for the damn Masters to start. You know how kids are on Christmas Eve? Yeah, that is me the week before the Masters.

Twice a week, at FanHouse, I'm hunkered down with a nighttime schedule. My latest idea is to get up early, go play 18 holes and be done before my shift begins. This morning, I picked Silverado Golf Club in Scottsdale because there was a good deal on

I got to the course to find out there was no range. Awesome. I made par on the first hole, a 514-yard par-5. Damn.

That was about it. Six birdies and an eagle later, I had carded an 8-under 62, one shot off the course record. It was fun. It was pretty darn easy, considering the score that I posted. I even had a three-putt. (Oh, and it was my first full round with my new TaylorMade r9 driver. Yes, it made the team.)

The score isn't the reason I'm writing this. The point is, days like today is what makes golf so amazing. A friend of mine and I went for a happy hour beer on Wednesday and were joking about the life of a professional golfer. What do these people do to relax? I play golf. My buddy plays golf. Even the president goes out and hits the links for some time away from real life. It is the reason golf is the best sport in the world.

Going out and hitting range balls, with or without an iPod in your ear, is my running. It's my yoga. It is even my good book. I love this game.

Okay ... enough serene moment. Go out and hit some balls, eh?


Marc said...

great post, that's why I love the game. Although I have also learned that a 2 1/2 year old will help you forget your worries too.

Tristen said...

Shane if you ever get over to Boise Idaho Look me up at the Shadow Valley Golf Course I run the Caddie program there. If you need a caddie let me know. I guarantee you will make par or better on a round.

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